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FEPlanet.net -> Radiant Dawn -> Chapters -> Daein, Arise!
Contents: Map · Map Legend · Chapter Data · Bosses · Characters · Items · Base · Bonus Exp · Walkthrough · Dialogue

Part 1; Endgame - Daein, Arise! (Normal)
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13  
26 5 6 1 26
25 25
24 24
23 23
22 22
21 21
20 20
19 19
18 4 18
17 17
16 3 16
15 15
14 14
13 13
12 12
11 11
10 10
9 9
8 2 8
7 7
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5 5
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1 1
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13  

Hover over a tile for more information, including terrain data, the name of the unit occupying a square, and the item that can be retrieved from the square. Squares with units can also be clicked for more information regarding the unit itself.

Map Legend [Return to top]
Unit (Required) Item (Hidden)  Normal Floor  House/Building  Door  Objective
Unit (Ally) 1Item (Chest)  Stairs  Wall  Watch Fire  Healhedge
Unit (Partner) 1Item (Village)  Gap  Misc. Objects  Breakable Wall  Healing Jar
Unit (Other)  Cave (Lava)  Thicket  Tree  Market Stalls  Ballista/Weapon
Unit (Boss)  Hole (Trap)  Sand  Cliff/Rock  Hole  Water
Unit (Enemy)  Shine Barrier  Swamp/Bog  Reeds  Dead Tree  Clouds
   Barrier  Supplies  Lava

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Chapter Data [Return to top]
Leader: Micaiah Affinity: Thunder
Ally (Required) Ally (Other) Partner Other Enemy Boss
0 0 0 0 0 0

Bosses [Return to top]
Name Class Lv. HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
Jarod Halberdier 4 39 20 4 20 19 10 18 15

Conditions [Return to top]
Victory Defeat
Seize Micaiah or Sothe dies

Characters [Return to top]
New Characters Rejoining Characters
Required Characters Other Available Characters
Micaiah, Sothe, Volug Aran, Black Knight, Edward, Fiona, Ilyana, Jill, Laura, Leonardo, Meg, Muarim, Nailah, Nolan, Rafiel, Tormod, Vika, Zihark

Items [Return to top]
Treasure Chests Villages Aimee's Deals Hidden Treasure
1. Vantage
2. Reaper Card
3. Speedwing
4. Unlock
5. Coin
6. Parity
Wind Edge (700 Gold)
Javelin (600 Gold)
Hand Axe (625 Gold)
Iron Longbow (2000 Gold)
Arcfire (2500 Gold)
Arcthunder (2550 Gold)
Recover (2250 Gold)
Master Seal (10000 Gold)
Olivi Grass (1600 Gold)
Arms Scroll (8000 Gold)

Base [Return to top]
Information Dialogues
Name Stars Reward Requirement
Fiona 3 Thani Fiona must be alive
Volug 3 Blue Gem Volug must be alive.
Shop Items
Sword Lance Axe Bow Knife Tome Staff Item
Bronze Sword
Iron Sword
Steel Sword
Iron Blade
Steel Blade
Bronze Lance
Iron Lance
Steel Lance
Iron Greatlance
Steel Greatlance
Bronze Axe
Iron Axe
Steel Axe
Iron Poleax
Steel Poleax
Bronze Bow
Iron Bow
Steel Bow
Bronze Knife
Iron Knife
Steel Knife
Bronze Dagger
Iron Dagger
Steel Dagger

Bonus Exp [Return to top]
Criteria Amount
Clear bonus 2500
Turn bonus (12) 1250
"Turn bonus" bonus experience is gained from clearing a chapter in a set number of turns; taking more turns than what is indicated in brackets yields less experience.

Walkthrough [Return to top]
This chapter is the final chapter in Part 1, after which you won't be seeing Micaiah and company for quite a while (until the middle of Part 3). Make sure you give ALL of Tormod, Muarim and Vika's items to the convoy, and remove ALL of their skills as well. Drop off the Black Knight's Concoction as well, as he won't need it, and he won't be joining again after this chapter anyhow. Any items you want to send to Ike's party in Part 3, give to Ilyana as she'll be joining up with them later on. The Celerity scroll is a good item to send, as are any Arms Scrolls, as they fetch good money, and a Gem or two if you can spare them, as Ike's party will be lacking in funds.

From Aimee, you'll probably not want to buy anything much, unless you're in need of ranged weapons. Elfire and Elthunder are sufficient for now, so Arcfire and Arcthunder are unnecessary, and the Recover staff is overkill, as Laura can heal perfectly fine using Heal and Mend staffs. You might want the Olivi Grass if you plan on using Volug later on in the game, as he'll be severely hampered in Part 3 if he keeps his Wildheart skill, which, if he doesn't, he'll need Olivi Grass.

Despite the fact that this is the final climactic showdown between Micaiah and Jarod, for the independence of Daein, this chapter is only as easy as you want to make it. You'll have two godly units, Nailah and the Black Knight, so really you could quite easily solo the map with just the two of them, though it isn't advisable at all. Bring all of your good units, and make sure that you bring the Black Knight if this is your second playthrough, as you'll need to do so to unlock a secret character later on. Give everyone their best weapons, and hold nothing back, because unless you want to waste this chapter by feeding it to the Black Knight and Nailah, you'll be using them a lot. Make sure that the units you bring, save Micaiah and maybe Laura are promoted, and if you have units around level 19, use bonus experience and any Master Seals to promote them. Jill, Nolan, Edward and Aran will be the most important units in Part 3, though Laura will be useful as a secondary healer as well.

Give the Pass scroll you got in the last chapter to someone, as you can use that to take out the Armours blocking off the gaps, so that you can climb up the map rather than zigzagging around to the staircases.

On the second turn or so, two thieves will appear up the first staircase and will head up the map to get the treasure chests. Stop them at all costs! If you gave Volug Pass, and he's gained a few levels, he should be able to speed up there to deal with them, or you can use Nailah as well. Make sure you don't let them get too far, as it can be a royal pain in the neck to get the items back from them, and in Normal or Hard mode, there is a Mage with Meteor further up, which can be a threat as well. Almost all of the items are very useful, so you'll want to make sure you get each and every one of them. One item of particular interest is the Speedwing, as Aran or Micaiah would love to have that, or you may want to send it up with Ilyana to Ike's party, so that Ike can better survive the Black Knight in chapter 3-7, one of the other requirements for unlocking the same hidden character I mentioned earlier.

On later turns, fighters and mages will spawn at the bottom of the map. An effective way of dealing with them is to have a ranged attacker blockade the gap on tile (8, 8), as you'll get an accuracy, evasion and power bonus in attacking them from there, and the one unit should be able to hold them off while your main party advances on the map. Fighters will spawn from where the thieves spawned earlier as well, and some armours will spawn at the top of the map when you approach that area.

Jarod is by far the toughest boss yet, as he has a powerful ranged attack, and can't be defeated easily by any one unit other than Nailah or the Black Knight, of course. Your best bet is to use Nolan for weapon triangle bonuses, or Aran's solid defense. I've been saying this for a few chapters now, but be absolutely sure that Micaiah is at level 20 at the end of this chapter, as she'll force promote after you clear this chapter, and she'll need all the levels she can get, as later on her limited playtime and endgame second promotion can really hurt.

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Credit goes to Valhalla for map information, and Serenes Forest for bonus exp. information.
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