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FEPlanet.net -> Radiant Dawn -> Chapters -> The Lost Heir
Contents: Map · Map Legend · Chapter Data · Bosses · Characters · Items · Base · Bonus Exp · Walkthrough · Dialogue

Part 1; Chapter 5 - The Lost Heir (Normal)
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15  
16 16
15 15
14 14
13 13
12 12
11 11
10 10
9 9
8 8
7 7
6 6
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  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15  

Hover over a tile for more information, including terrain data, the name of the unit occupying a square, and the item that can be retrieved from the square. Squares with units can also be clicked for more information regarding the unit itself.

Map Legend [Return to top]
Unit (Required) Item (Hidden)  Normal Floor  House/Building  Door  Objective
Unit (Ally) 1Item (Chest)  Stairs  Wall  Watch Fire  Healhedge
Unit (Partner) 1Item (Village)  Gap  Misc. Objects  Breakable Wall  Healing Jar
Unit (Other)  Cave (Lava)  Thicket  Tree  Market Stalls  Ballista/Weapon
Unit (Boss)  Hole (Trap)  Sand  Cliff/Rock  Hole  Water
Unit (Enemy)  Shine Barrier  Swamp/Bog  Reeds  Dead Tree  Clouds
   Barrier  Supplies  Lava

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Chapter Data [Return to top]
Leader: Micaiah Affinity: Light
Ally (Required) Ally (Other) Partner Other Enemy Boss
3 7 0 3 26 1

Bosses [Return to top]
Name Class Lv. HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
Wystan Fire Mage 14 25 7 14 11 12 8 5 12

Conditions [Return to top]
Victory Defeat
Rout enemy Micaiah or Sothe dies
Volug dies
Other unit dies

Characters [Return to top]
New Characters Rejoining Characters
Volug: Read one of the base conversations
Required Characters Other Available Characters
Micaiah, Sothe, Volug Aran, Edward, Ilyana, Laura, Leonardo, Meg, Nolan

Items [Return to top]
Treasure Chests Villages Aimee's Deals Hidden Treasure
Wind Edge (700 Gold)
Iron Longbow (2000 Gold)
Elthunder (1470 Gold)
Spirit Dust (8000 Gold)
Arms Scroll (8000 Gold)
1. Concoction
2. Coin

Base [Return to top]
Information Dialogues
Name Stars Reward Requirement
Sothe 3 10000 Gold
Nailah 3 Volug joins
Laura and Aran 1 (none) Laura alive; Aran recruited
Dawn Brigade 1 (none)
Shop Items
Sword Lance Axe Bow Knife Tome Staff Item
Bronze Sword
Iron Sword
Bronze Lance
Iron Lance
Bronze Axe
Iron Axe
Bronze Bow
Iron Bow
Bronze Dagger
Iron Dagger

Bonus Exp [Return to top]
Criteria Amount
Clear bonus 400
Turn bonus (10) 200
Friendly army fought ***
"Turn bonus" bonus experience is gained from clearing a chapter in a set number of turns; taking more turns than what is indicated in brackets yields less experience.
"Friendly army fought" bonus experience is gained based on how much experience other (green) and partner (yellow) units would have gained from the fighting they did.

Walkthrough [Return to top]
One of the new units you'll be getting through this chapter is Volug, a Wolf laguz. He'll be required for all of the chapters, so you don't have much of a choice as to whether you want to use him or not, and he'll be extremely powerful as well, especially once you get his Strike level up to S, or if you even make it to SS in this part. Just watch out for the Fire Mages in this chapter, as they'll hurt, a lot.

From Aimee, you'll probably want to buy the Wind Edge for Edward, so that he can attack from a distance since the first one you got in chapter 1-2 is probably low on uses by now. The Iron Longbow is tremendously useful for Leonardo if you're using him, although it's a bit pricy, as is the Elthunder for Ilyana. If you're using either of those two characters, both weapons are good choices, especially the Longbow.

As with the past few chapters, the difficulty you're playing will also largely determine your strategy. In Easy mode, you have to route all the enemies, where as in Normal/Hard mode, you have to defend the tile on which Tauroneo stands for 6 turns. The defense portion is fairly easy, as Tauroneo won't take any damage at all, nor does he move, but you also have to protect the other green units, Jill and Zihark, which is a little harder. Jill's AI will sometimes get overzealous and get herself killed, so you might want to have some of your units watch out for her and kill off the units up there so she doesn't get herself killed.

One thing to look out for here is one of the soldiers carrying a Master Seal. Although you don't need it to promote, if you use it on a level 20 unit, it does save 100 experience points. You'll have to have Sothe steal it, as he doesn't drop it.

The boss of this chapter is harder than the past ones in that you can't hit him from a distance other than with Leonardo's Iron Longbow (if you bought it from Aimee), and also most of your units won't have tremendous resistance, so his attacks can hurt. In Normal and Hard mode you won't have to defeat him within the 6 turns, which is good, as you might not have a chance to get all the way over there depending on how quickly you move around the map. In Easy mode, when you're forced to fight him, your best bets are Micaiah or Nolan, as the former has tremendous resistance, and the latter has good resistance for a physical unit, or Edward with a more powerful sword should be able to take him down in one round. The boss also has a Shine Barrier that Sothe can steal, although it isn't too important; it can be useful in defensive chapters, but don't get all bent out of shape if you don't get it, as it isn't that big of a deal.

<-- Previous Chapter  Change difficulty: Easy · Normal · Hard  Next Chapter -->

Credit goes to Valhalla for map information, and Serenes Forest for bonus exp. information.
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