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Average Stats
Part 1: Silver-Haired Maiden
Micaiah Edward Leonardo Nolan Laura Sothe* Ilyana* Aran
Meg Volug Jill* Tauroneo* Zihark* Fiona Tormod* Muarim*
Vika Nailah Rafiel Black Knight
Part 2: Of Countries and Kings
Elincia* Marcia* Leanne Nealuchi Haar* Brom* Nephenee* Heather
Lucia* Mordecai* Lethe* Geoffrey* Kieran* Astrid* Makalov* Danved*
Part 3: Intersecting Vows
Ike* Titania* Soren* Mist* Rolf* Boyd* Oscar* Shinon*
Gatrie* Rhys* Mia* Ranulf* Kyza Lyre Reyson* Janaff*
Ulki* Sigrun Tanith*
Part 4: Gods and Men
Skrimir Sanaki Naesala* Tibarn* Pelleas Stefan* Oliver Bastian*
Volke* Caineghis Giffca* Kurthnaga Ena* Renning Nasir* Gareth
Characters marked with * can have their stats altered by using the data transfer feature.

Credit goes to FEA for the concept and Serenes Forest for class data.
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