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Other Items
A draught that neutralizes the effects of poison when consumed.
Arms Scroll18000
An item that raises the weapon level of the equipped weapon by one grade. For beorc only.
Ashera Icon18000
An item that increases luck by 2.
Blue Gem110000
A moderately valuable gemstone worth 5,000 gold.
An item that increases movement by 2.
Chest Key2600
A key that unlocks treasure chests. Items inside are automatically acquired.
A treasure you can sell for 1 gold. You can use it at the forge in your base.
A potion that restores 40 HP when consumed.
Daemon Card55000
A special item that lets non-magic users launch a very powerful magical attack. (Mt: 12; Hit: 100; Rng: 1-2)
Door Key2100
A key that unlocks doors, allowing units to move through that space.
An item that increases defense by 2.
A potion that restores all HP when consumed.
Energy Drop18000
An item that increases strength by 2.
A plant that restores 10 HP when consumed.
Laguz Gem575000
An item that allows laguz to maintain their animal form an entire battle. For laguz only.
Laguz Stone33000
An item that fills up the transformation gauge, allowing laguz to shift forms. For laguz only.
Olivi Grass81600
An herb that restores 15 points to a laguz's transformation gauge.
A heady elixir that returns the unit to normal condition when consumed.
Pure Water3900
A phial of blessed water that temporarily raises resistance when consumed.
Reaper Card105000
A special item that lets non-magic users launch a moderately powerful magical attack. (Mt: 8; Hit: 100; Rng: 1-2)
Red Gem12500
A valuable gemstone worth 2,500 gold.
Rudol Gem1----
A mysterious magic gem that raises the defense of the holder by +10.
Satori Sign1----
An item that imbues the user with a powerful skill when used. For laguz of level 30 or higher only.
Secret Book18000
An item that increases skill by 2.
Seraph Robe18000
An item that increases HP by 7.
Shine Barrier1800
A useful item that creates a single-space magical barrier through which no one can pass.
Silver Card14000
A special card that reduces all items to half price but does not earn any training points.
Spectre Card153000
A special item that lets non-magic users launch a magical attack. (Mt: 5; Hit: 100; Rng: 1-2)
An item that increases speed by 2.
Spirit Dust18000
An item that increases magic by 2.
Statue Frag18000
An item that increases build by 2.
An item that increases resistance by 2.
A stick of resinous wood dipped in pitch. When used. it lights up and area temporarily.
A potion that restores 20 HP when consumed.
White Gem120000
A very valuable gemstone worth 10,000 gold.
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