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Path of Radiance - 94 (12%)
Radiant Dawn - 184 (25%)
New Dark Dragon - 24 (3%)

FEPlanet.net -> Radiant Dawn -> Items -> Lances
Brave Lance403000C10850111
A rare lance that allows its wielder to attack twice in a single turn.
Bronze Lance50450E490061
A low-powered and economical lance.
A lance designed to deal increased damage against units mounted on horseback.
Iron Greatlance40640C11750141
A powerful lance that's a bit hard to wield. Its weight makes consecutive attacks difficult.
Iron Lance50600D785091
A low-priced lance that's fairly easy to use. It is the most common lance.
The most common of throwing spears. It can be used for direct and indirect combat.
Killer Lance304320B98030101
An uncommon lance that has a high chance of landing a critical hit
Short Spear203000B10550121-2
A more powerful throwing spear. It can be used for direct and indirect combat.
Silver Greatlance302880A17500171
A tremendously powerful lance that's very difficult to wield. Its great weight limits multiple attacks.
Silver Lance302160A13800121
A high-priced lance of high strength. It is difficult to wield, and wears out quickly.
A refined spear of great power. It can be thrown at distant enemies.
Steel Greatlance351120B14700181
A mighty lance that is hard to handle. Its weight limits consecutive strikes.
Steel Lance40960C10800131
A sturdy lance of medium strength. It is a bit difficult to wield.
Venin Lance50----D785091
A lance that contains a hidden reservoir of poison. Units hit with this will be poisoned.
A unique and tremendously powerful lance. It is incredibly difficult to use. Note: Increases luck by 3.
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