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A mystic blade blessed by the goddess Ashera. It can attack from near and far. Note: Increases defense by 5.
The royal blade of Hose Crimea. It can be used only by family members and strikes twice per tern.
Brave Sword402800C990091
A rare blade that allows the wielder to strike twice per attack
Bronze Sword50350E395051
An inexpensive sword. It has low power.
A weapon given to the Dawn Brigade by Pelleas in reward for their service. For Edward only. Note: increases luck by 8.
A huge sword of overwhelming power. Only Ike can wield it.
A lightweight blade that's easy to handle. It uses magic for direct and indirect attacks. For Mist only. Note: despite the misleading description, this does not in fact use the magic stat for attacking in place of strength.
Iron Blade40800C10700131
A large, powerful blade that's a bit hard to wield. Its weight makes consecutive attacks difficult.
Iron Sword50500D690071
A low-priced blade that's fairly easy to use. It's the most common sword.
Killing Edge303600B8853081
This hard-to-find sword has an unusually high chance of landing a critical hit.
A supernatural sword blessed by the goddess Ashera. Only Ike can wield it.
Silver Blade303600A16600161
A tremendously powerful sword that's very difficult to wield. It's great weight limits multiple attacks.
Silver Sword301800A12800101
An expensive sword with a very sharp edge. It's difficult to wield, and wears out quickly.
Slim Sword35560E2100531
A lightweight sword that's easy to use. It has a slightly improved chance to land a critical hit.
Steel Blade351400B13650171
A mighty sword with a large blade. It's hard to handle, and its weight limits consecutive strikes.
Steel Sword40800C9850111
A sturdy sword with a good edge. It's slightly difficult to wield.
Storm Sword204000B12500111-2
A mystic sword that creates a powerful shock wave. It can be used for direct and indirect combat.
Tempest Blade2010000S18555151-2
A sorcerous blade imbued with the power of gale-force winds. Can strike from near or far.
Vague Katti5020000SS20955101
A unique and tremendously powerful sword. It's tremendously difficult to use. Note: Increases defense by 3.
Venin Edge50----D690071
A sword whose blade conceals a poison reservoir. Units hit with this will be poisoned.
Wind Edge20700D6600101-2
A magic blade that creates a shock wave which allows the wielder to attack from near or far.
Wo Dao303000B7902071
A distinctive blade that allows the wielder to land a high percentage of critical hits.
A sword designed to deal increased damage to dracoknights and dragon tribe laguz.
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