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A sacred blade blessed by the goddess Ashera. It has long been held by the Black Knight

The title given to one who can hear the voice of the goddess. It is a power possessed by only female ancestors of Altina. Apostles also hold the title of Empress of Begnion.

Beast Tribe
Comprising the lion, tiger, cat, and wolf clans, the beast laguz are exceedingly close and consider themselves member of the same large, extended family.

A beorc nation and largest on the continent. Its ruler has two traditional roles, that of the apostle and empress. The current empress is Sanaki. It claims suzerainty over both Crimea and Darin.

Begnion Central Army
The official name of this army is the Begnion Imperial Central Army. It is comprised of the elite soldiers who guarded Mainal Cathedral in the capital of Sienne. It is currently under the command of Zelgius, Earl of Kadohl.

Beings known as the Children of Wisdom. They have flourished through their clever use of tools, weapons and language.

Bird Tribes
Comprising the hawk, raven and heron clans, the bird laguz have their own distinct temperaments and live separately in their own individual nations.

A mystical endowment given by the goddess to her followers. It increases the followers' abilities and improves the quality of their items and weapons. The closer to the followers are to the goddess, the stronger her blessing.

Blood Pact
An ancient type of contract where a sparkling brand appears on the arm of the borrower as proof of the debt owed. If the terms of the contract are broken, a curse is invoked which kills citizens of the borrower's nation. The brand is passed from generation to generation until the debt is repaid.

A small number of beorc who are born with a brand upon their skin denoting they have a laguz ancestor. It is not uncommon to find people of rare talents and abilities among the Branded. They live longer and age more slowly than average beorc. The laguz refer to them as Parentless.

Chaos Energies
The energy that contrasts order. It is best conceptualized as free will. It is confusion, change, strife, and liberty. If the chaos energy within and individual grows too strong, it will overwhelm intellect, causing the individual to run wild like an animal.

The generic collective term for both the laguz and beorc races. The word "human" cannot be used in place of the Created as it was a derogatory meaning among the laguz. The Created used to be known as Zunanma.

A beorc nation located in northwestern Tellius. An ally of Gallia whose laguz-friendly policies are slowly being accepted by its populace. It defeated Daein in the Mad King's War.

Crimean Royal Knights
An elite group of knights assigned to the protection of the ruler of Crimea. It was formerly commanded by Renning, and is now led by Geoffrey.

A beorc nation located in northeastern Tellius. Its citizenry widely embraces an anti-laguz ideology. Since its defeat in the Mad King's War, it has been governed by Begnion.

Dark God
A being of tremendous evil who is said to have once caused violent floods to destroy all lands. It is now imprisoned within Lehran's Medallion, but legend has it that the dark god will awake and break free if a great war erupts and upsets the forces of balance to favor chaos.

Disciples of Order
Religious zealots freed from petrification to act as the fist of Ashera. Though not as powerful as the messenger in the era of the Three Heroes, they are blessed by the goddess.

Dragon Tribe
Comprising the black, white and red dragon clans, the dragon laguz believe in the absolute authority of their king. They serve him with unwavering loyalty, and rarely leave Goldoa.

Feral One
A laguz whose essential nature has been warped by the experiments of Daein's former court naturalist, Izuka. The Feral Ones were given an elixir that allowed them to remain in their animal forms indefinitely. This greatly enhanced their combat prowess, but that the expense of their sanity.

Four Riders
The title the ruler of Daein bestows upon the nations' four most accomplished generals.

Galdr of Rebirth
A gladr that can negate the power of corruption and restore a person or thing to its original condition. The number of singers dictates the strength of the galdr. It can bring about miraculous change, such as restoring an entire forest to life or bringing sanity back to a warped laguz.

Galdr of Release
A galdr said to have the power to release the dark god imprisoned in Lehran's Medallion. legend says that only descendants of Altina, Begnion's first empress, are able to use this powerful seid magic.

Galdr of Sleep
A galdr that can quell the chaotic energies of the dark god imprisoned in Lehran's Medallion. It can be sung by any member of the heron clan.

The songs used by the heron clan singers to wield seid magic. It is said that the herons' galdrar have great power and are capable of performing miraculous feats.

The ancestral home of the beast tribe laguz, located in the dense forests f western Tellius. It is an a ally of Crimea and currently ruled by King Caineghis.

The mystical being once known as Ashunera who created the world. She is worshiped by beorc and laguz alike.

The ancestral home of the dragon tribe laguz, located in a volcanic area of southwestern Tellius. Its police of isolationism has been unchanged for many centuries of King Dheginsea's rule.

Great Flood
A great disaster that truck some 800 years ago. All lands other than Tellius were sunk beneath the waters. The flood is said to have been the work of the dark god imprisoned in Lehran's Medallion.

Greil Mercenaries
A mercenary group that operates out of Crimea. It is led by Ike, and it won fame for its prowess in the Mad King's War.

A nation long thought to be mere legend, but now known to be located to the east of Daein, across a vast desert. It is rules by Queen Nailah of the wolf clan laguz.

Heart of Fire
Another name by which Lehran's Medallion is known. It was given this name due to the blue flames which surround it.

Heron Clan
A clan of the bird tribe laguz. They are highly attuned to the forces of balance, which enables them to sing galdrar, read the thoughts of others, and perform other mysterious feats. They are incapable of combat. Only four herons are known to be still living.

Holy Guards
The name of the apostle's personal guards. They are commanded by Sigrun and Tanith serves as deputy-commander. Only the best of the imperial pegasus knights are chosen to join this elite unit.

The term for the beorc originally coined by the Begnion senate; it carried the connotation of being "the chosen people." It is the common name for beorc in their own nations.

A derogatory term for the beorc used by the laguz. It was first used by laguz slaves to refer to their beorc masters. The laguz used the same pronunciation as the beorc so as not to be discovered denigrating their owners.

Imperial Dracoknights
The wing of Begnion's airborne army that reports to the senate. It is made up entirely of dracoknights, known for its tough and sometimes brutal members.

Imperial Pegasus Knights
The wing of Begnion's airborne army that reports to the apostle. It is made up entirely of pegasus knights. The apostle's personal guards are chosen from his troop.

The name given to the hawk laguz Janaff's wondrously acute eyesight. As one of King Tibarn's most trusted vassals, Janaff uses his ability to see both enemies and allies from miles distant to aid his ruler and country.

The ancestral home of the raven clan laguz, located on the easternmost of a chain of three islands off the southern coast of the continent. It is currently rules by King Naesala.

Beings known as the Children of Strength. they are divided into three tribes: beast, bird and dragon. They transform into their animal forms during combat to fully utilize their physical prowess.

Laguz Emancipation Army
A group of warriors fighting to free the laguz kept secretly in slavery in Begnion It is led by the mage Tormod. They operate with the support of the apostle.

The bronze medallion in which Lehran is said to have sealed an evil god. It disappeared along with Princess Lillia after the Serenes Massacre. It passed from Lillia's hands to Elena, then to Mist, and finally to Ashnard. It was returned to the herons after Ashnard was defeated.

New Tongue
The name given to the common language that most beorc and laguz living on Tellius use in daily life.

Old Tongue
The first language to be spoken on the continent of Tellius. It was a very difficult language and can now only be understood by a small portion of the population. Magic scrolls are always written in the old language.

Order Energy
The world is comprised of order and chaos energies. These energies have tremendous impact on the character of all sentient beings. Order is best conceptualized as dogma. It is method, stability, tranquility and restraint.

The term used by the laguz for the Branded. The birth of a "parentless" child is an omen of bad luck, said to hasten the end of the world by 100 years.

The ancestral home of the hawk clan laguz, located on the westernmost of a chain of three islands off the southern coast of the continent. It is currently ruled by King Tibarn.

A sacred blade blessed by the goddess Ashera. It was wielded by Ike in the Mad King's War. After the war, Begnion named it a national treasure and had the sword returned to their care.

Seid Singers
Heron clan members who possess the ability to wield seid magic through the use of galdrar. The type of galdrar they can use depends on the strength of the singer.

A member of the political institution created and run by the most powerful of Begnion's noble houses. While the apostle theoretical directs the senators' actions, they have been quietly amassing power for themselves for many years.

The ancestral home of the heron clan laguz. It was located in the Serenes Forest in central Tellius, but most of its citizens were massacred after the assassination of the Begnion apostle.

Serenes Massacre
A tragic event that occurred after the assassination of the apostle Misaha. The Begnion senators claimed that the herons were responsible for the apostle's death. Enraged, the people of Begnion rose up to burn down the Serenes Forest, killing almost the entire heron clan.

A disparaging term for the laguz used by the beorc. It is quite common in Begnion, where the laguz are treated with no respect and little understanding.

The continent on which this tale unfolds. With the recent discovery of Hatari, the number of nations on the continent has risen to eight.

Thousand-Year Judgement
This is the judgment the goddess Ashera will visit upon the peoples of Tellius after she awakens from a thousand-year slumber. To avoid having the goddess awaken prematurely and destroy humanity, the Three Heroes vowed that no great wars would occur during that time.

Three Heroes
The title given to the heroes who are said to have helped Ashera defeat a dark god in the distant past. The group included Altina, who became the first ruler of Begnion; Soan, who became the second king of the beast tribe laguz; and Dheginsea, the long-lived king of Glodoa.

Tower of Guidance
A large tower in Begnion's capital cirt of Sienne. It is the symbol of the goddess's power and the place from which she is said to watch over the world.

The ability of the laguz to temporarily focus their energies and transform into their animal forms. While transformed, they are fearsome combatants.

The name given to the preternatural hearing of King Tibarn's trusted vassal, Ulki. His hearing is so acute that he can understand a whispered conversation spoken at the horizon. King Tibarn rightly treasure this ability and uses it to his strategic advantage.

The name of the common ancestor of the beorc and laguz. In Begnion, the Zunanma are recognized as the ancestors of the beorc only.

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