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FEPlanet.net -> Genealogy of the Holy War -> Walkthrough -> Prologue: Birth of a Holy Knight
Prologue: Birth of a Holy Knight
Lord: Sigurd Main Base: Chalphy
Enemies: 46 Allies and NPCs: 12
Enemy Bases: EvansNPC Bases: Jungby
Villages: 5(Rewards) Churches: 2
View Map Arena: (none) Shop: (none)
Recruitable Characters
Sigurd Noish Alec Arden Lex Azel Cuan Ethlin Finn Midir
Bosses NPCs
DiMaggio Gerrard Midir Alvis
Versus Jungby
This is a pretty basic chapter. You should do fine. If you're a beginner, I suggest you do a pre-run for the first few turns just to get a jist of the battle and movement system. Don't forget to save before your turn. Alright, to start off, you want to either go for the villages or head straight for Jungby. If you wish to directly charge Jungby, just send your whole force down south and have Lex and Azel finish off the enemies up north. If you chose to save the villages while advancing on Jungby(recommended), read below.
Divide and Conquer
First, split your party into two groups. Have Sigurd move to the forest next to the Brigand and attack the Brigand with his Steel Sword and end his turn. Then, have Noish and Alec headed as close to the closest village as possible(to the north-west). Finally, have Arden depart the castle and move as far west as he can.
Inevitable Defeat
At the start of the enemy phase, Midir will be defeated. He's not dead, don't worry. DiMaggio will be put in charge of Jungby castle and it is now an enemy base. Gandolf will leave with Aideen but no worries, you'll see her the next chapter. By the next turn, Lex and Azel will appear in the northern part of the map, close to the village. Have Lex attack the Brigand who should be right next to the village entrance. Before anything, be sure to have Lex visit the village right after attacking unless you wish to give the gold to somebobdy else. The village gives 5000 gold to the person who entered. Remember, gold is not transferable in this game unless the character is in love with another character. Next, have Azel move to the forest next to Lex and attack the Brigand. That should finish the barbarian. Next, we move onto Noish and Alec. First, have Arden move up and attack the Brigand that is either approaching, or attacked Noish. Then, have Alec attack the brigand on the village and stay there. Let Noish finish off the brigand that Arden attacked and end his turn next to Alec. Alec can kill the brigand he attacked on the next turn. Finally, have Sigurd finish off the Archer to the south and move as far up as possible after it dies.
Now, on the next turn, Cuan, Ethlin, and Finn should arrive. Have them head straight on down the help Sigurd's group--if Sigurd is injured, have him move back first so he can be healed on the same turn. Finish off any remaining bandits in the vicinity and have Noish come down to help Sigurd and move Alec towards Lex and Azel. If you want, have Sigurd talk to Ethlin and Cuan. If the northern group gets hurt, have them heal at the local church.
Other Notes
The rest of this part should be easy. Just have Sigurd and friends rush down and finish off bandits along the way. Feel free to let Arden solo lone Axe Fighters as long as he isn't ganged up on.
Boss Strategies: DiMaggio
DiMaggio isn't anything to tricky. Just let Sigurd hammer him with his Steel Sword. If you want to take advantage of the fact that he can't attack from range, feel free to let Azel finish him off. Now, before conquering the castle with Sigurd, make sure everybody is near the bridge en route to Evans. You don't want to lose the experience to another NPC that is coming.
Versus Evans
When you seize Evans, Midir will join your team. He is an Arch Knight, but not really worth your effort. Use him if you really want to.
Enemy Phase
The bridge will be repaired and enemies will pour over. You can block the bridge beforehand with one character so they can't cross. Alvis will demolish the enemy if you leave the bridge space open but you need the experience so don't let him. Once he's talked to Sigurd and given him the silver sword, he will leave.
To gain the best experience possible with the least casualties, have Arden block the bridge. When it's the Player Phase, attack the enemy from behind Arden with Azel and finish off the enemy with Arden if need be. Next, have your mounted users attack one-by-one. Attack one enemy, then retreat back across the bridge. Use the next character and repeat. This will give Ethlin a lot of experience since she will be healing characters left and right. If you want, you can rotate characters blocking the bridge but make sure they can't kill the enemy in two hits or else you might get slaughtered. When your characters are low on HP, just have Ethlin heal them while the guard stays put and recieves blows.
Other Notes
If you're at the point where only archers are left on the other side of the bridge, feel free to charge them with your strongest characters and finish them off with your weaker characters. This will balance out your character levels. If you don't plan on using some characters, however, then have them lead the attack and finish the enemy with your regulars.
Boss Strategies: Gerrard
Another pretty easy boss. Have Sigurd attack with his Steel Sword and finish his turn on the entrance. If his HP is low, have Ethlin heal him. The next turn, Gerrard should attack Sigurd and be left with a minimal amount of HP. When it is player phase again, finish him off with a character of your choice. Before conquering the castle, have Ethlin heal anybody with a wound, even if it is only one HP. She can repair her weapon at the main base at any point in time anyways and she is a great help when promoted.
Once you capture the castle, Sigurd decides he'll go and rescue Aideen. Oh boy, what a risk taker. Though, don't worry since you get to meet a fabulous character in the next chapter.
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