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FEPlanet.net -> Genealogy of the Holy War -> Walkthrough -> Chapter 1: Girl of the Spirit Forest
Chapter 1: Girl of the Spirit Forest
Lord: Sigurd Main Base: Evans
Enemies: 41(Not Counting Verdane) Allies and NPCs: 26
Enemy Bases: Genoa, Marpha, Verdane NPC Bases: Nodion
Villages: 3(Rewards) Churches: 3
View Map Arena: 7 Stages(Foes) Shop: View New Items
Recruitable Characters
Aideen Dew Aira Jamka Dierdre
Bosses NPCs
Kinbois Gandolf Elliot Sandima Eltosian
We start off at Nodion where Eltosian comes and greets Sigurd. Promptly, Sigurd tells Eltosian of the current situation and his desire to rescue Adean. Meanwhile, at Genoa, Kinbois forces Aira, an Issacian swordfighter, to take up arms against Sigurd. She does as she's ordered in order to protect her nephew, Shanan.
Arena Tactics
This is where it gets fun. First, before anything, save the game. Then have your characters fight one by one in the arena until they've gotten to as far as they can without losing. There are 7 battles. Be sure to save your game in between each battle. As long as they win, their HP will be restored right after the arena battle. At the end of the chapter, have the people who didn't clear the arena try and clear it or get as far as they can.
Time to buy some weapons! Have Finn get the Javelin and Noish the Iron Lance and Slim Sword. If he doesn't have enough money, sell his Steel Sword at the pawn shop. Let Lex buy the Steel Axe but be sure not to sell the Iron Axe. He will need it to get the Heroes Axe in the chapter.
Versus Genoa
Blessing of Lanzenritter
To start the chapter off, send Finn as far south as possible. Then have Cuan do the same and talk to Finn. Finn will gain +1 Strength, +1 Speed, and +1 Defense. Nifty right? After that, have everybody go down. Keep one character you don't plan on using at the castle base just in case. You don't need to, but sometimes Eltosian might screw up and not kill all the invaders that come charging the castle. Also, be sure it isn't Alec though, since he is a great help when recruiting Aira.
Prisoners Released
Against his brother's wishes, Jamka escorts Adean and Dew outside and lets them free. Good luck Adean and Dew. For the safest route possible, have Adean and Dew head to the forests on the right side. Just have them move along the path way and up to where Sigurd and companions are. Of course, you'd have to finish off the bandits to the north as well. It should be easy but save once in awhile just in case. I'd advise against saving every turn because you might seal your fate. Also, leave the village where Adean and Dew are alone. You can still save both western villages if you do so. If you visit it, the brigand next to the riverbanks will go after the farthest village to the west and make you have to rush in order to save the village in time.
Other Notes
You really want to take out the archers first because they can basically molest your already wounded characters. They're cheap too; focusing on the character who is about to die. Of course, if Ethlin is in range, they'd target her most of the time. This saved my Finn this time around. Also, perform hit-and-runs by attacking and retreating into the woods. This provides great defense against the enemy. Can you believe bows are more inaccurate than axes in this game?
Boss Strategies: Kinbois
If you want to be safe, I suggest moving your characters in a group but if you wish for money, go ahead and let Sigurd kill the brigand that is nearing the village entrance. Pray that the RNG is nice and Sigurd survives. If you killed the brigand then have all your characters follow in a single line, making it so that no character can be attacked more than twice in the same turn. Don't move them too far in though. You don't want Kinbois to snipe you from afar with his Hand Axe. When fighting Kinbois, make sure characters like Azel are out of range of his Silver Axe. He can get OHKO'd. Otherwise, just focus on him when you plan on attacking him. Charge with Sigurd and his Silver Sword and finish him off with a character of your choice. Don't leave him hanging though because you only have one healer.
Reunion of the Kind-Hearted
When you meet up with Adean and Dew, have Adean talk to Ethlin. Ethlin will receive a Return Staff. The Return Staff brings you back inside the main base. Line up three characters of your choice at the forest edge and have them fight for experience. Then have one character sneak through the side in order to save the village and get as much money as possible.
Luring the Swordsmistress
You really don't want to lure Aira out until you finish off the predators chasing Adean and Dew since they get in the way. Once you've done that though, it's a piece of cake. First, move Sigurd up here and then move Alec to this spot and end your turn. During the enemy phase, Aira and the three axe fighters will go after Alec. Keep luring them down the shore where Adean and Dew came from. If you can make them go in circles, that'd be even better. When Sigurd comes down to fight the boss, the Axe Fighters will move towards Sigurd, while Aira will go the opposite direction, towards Alec. Unless you find it necessary, don't bother killing the Axe Fighters since they waste time. Alright, since many of you may be wondering, "Why Alec?". That's because he has the Awareness skill which cancels out the effects of special attacks like Aira's Moonlight Sword when in battle. This way, he won't be killed by a five attack hit.
Now, back to Sigurd. Have Sigurd attack the boss to wound him and finish it off on the counter. The next turn capture the castle and Aira will come running back to Genoa on Verdane's phase to retrieve her nephew. Talk to her with Sigurd and everything will be fine. Just be careful, because Aira will attack anything in her way, since she is in a hurry.
Mysterious Ambush
A swarm of Social Knights under Heirhein will come flooding from the north. No worries though, since the Cross Knights will come to the rescue! As you'll soon realize, Elliot's troops don't stand a chance. Once the Cross Knights have cleaned up the trash, they will head back to their base.
Cuan: Finn | Sigurd: Aira
Versus Marpha
The Goddess Named Aira
Marpha is a joke. Aira can clear away the whole group in one turn. Just make sure you save beforehand because the RNG may get ugly. You might want to note that this is a perfect opportunity for Dew to gain some experience. Especially since he makes a great feather(despite his looks). Anyways, just position them in the forests and they'll do fine. The only problem is the archers. What I'd suggest is having Aira attack from the village while Dew focuses on the brigands and staying in his forest spot(positions). Though it seems that sometimes, the brigands will not attack Dew because he dodges everything. In that case, have Aira hit the badboys off and then let Dew come out of the forest onto plain ground and attack. When it's at the point where only archers are left, surround them on four sides and have characters of your choice do some light training.
On the Sly
Dew wishes to show how grateful he is by giving Aideen a Warp Staff(and gain 50 love points). Just have Dew initiate the conversation. Also, either Azel or Midayle may speak to Aideen and earn 100 love points with eachother. Once one has spoken to Aideen, the other will not have the option.
Boss Strategies: Gandolf
This is a great time to abuse the boss. What is abusing the boss? Using him to help you level. The reason why you should start with this boss is because the others are ridiculously easy and can be killed in two hits. First off, try and get most of your characters to level 15 by fighting this boss. To do so, just keep attacking him but make sure that he is unable to die. When he runs low on health, let him regenerate HP on his throne and keep repeating until satisfied. Be sure to heal your characters time to time. Plus, it is smart to only counter, not initiate, the attack. When you're done abusing Gandolf, let one of your characters finish him for a ton of experience. Hopefully, gain a level.
Aideen: Ethlin | Aira: Cuan | Azel: Aideen | Dew: Aideen | Midayle: Aideen
Versus Verdane
Shaman of the Spirit Forest
Once you capture Marpha, a shaman named Dierdre will emerge from the castle and retreat into the forests to the north. I recommend you wait until after you recruit Jamka and then recruit her with Sigurd. Just have Sigurd cross through this spot.
Bow Fighter Jamka
This is a perfect chance to level up your weaker characters and also characters who don't train well while boss abusing; like Aira who finished the boss when she activates Meteor Sword or Finn who has a disadvantage in the weapon triangle. Stay near the castle entrance until Jamka comes around because it'll be easier to maneuver Aideen around. Once you get the opening, have Aideen speak to Jamka.
The Heroes Axe
What makes a great character even greater? The pure strength and defense plus a Heroes Axe. A killer combo. With the double attack and strength, Lex can pretty much PWN anything in his way. To acquire the Heroes Axe, Lex will need his Iron Axe and stop on this peninsula. A weird woman will show up and ask if his axe was either the gold or the silver axe. Lex was honest and said it was neither so the woman gives him a Heroes Axe for his honesty.
Boss Strategies: Sandima
Before you charge the castle, make sure that you lure out all the enemies and stay out of Sandima's attack range. Once all the trash has been cleared, have Diadora silence Sandima. You have four turns to beat on him all you want. Pretty easy if you ask me. I recommend that you let somebody who can make use of the Magic Ring finish him off so you don't have to sell and have another character waste money buying it. Once you're done doing what you need to, go ahead and conquer Verdane.
Aideen: Jamka
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