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FEPlanet.net -> Genealogy of the Holy War -> Walkthrough -> Chapter 2: Disturbance in Agustria
Chapter 2: Disturbance in Agustria
Lord: Sigurd Main Base: Evans
Enemies: 117 Allies and NPCs: 20
Enemy Bases: Agusty, Anphony, Heirhein NPC Bases: Nodion
Villages: 10(Rewards) Churches: 2
View Map Arena: 7 Stages(Foes) Shop: View New Items
Recruitable Characters
Holyn Lachesis Levin Sylvia Beowulf Fury
Lachesis Eve Eva Alva
Boldo Elliot Philip Macbeth Clement Shagall Voltz Zain
Now that rumor has it that Shagall killed his father in order to gain the throne, Eltosian goes to Agusty to prevent King Shagall from declaring war against Grandbell. However, Shagall locks Eltosian up and Lachesis is left to protect Nodion. Luckily, three of Eltosian's most trusted knights are by her side. Sigurd decides to help and goes to aid Lachesis.
Arena Tactics
Beat Holyn in stage seven of the arena with a character of your choice(besides bow users) and he'll join your party. Basically anybody can easily defeat him. He shouldn't post too much of a problem. The enemies in the earlier stages are harder than him.
Now, in this chapter, have characters who you wish to use pick up the best items and sell the weaker weapons to those you don't plan on training. There is a Steel Blade, Steel Lance, Steel Bow, and Thunder tome in this chapter. If Aideen is already promoted, have her buy the Thunder tome. If not, have Azel buy it. Jamka should do fine with his Killer Bow so have Midir buy the Steel Bow.
Versus Heirhein
Nodion Under Attack
Heirhein's troops will rush towards Nodion and try to seize it. Hurry and go to the rescue because if all three brothers(Eve, Eva, Alva) survive, then Lachesis will give you a Knight Ring at the end of the battle.
The Light Sword
Dierdre will give Ethlin a Light Sword if they talk in the chapter.
Bandits Released
On the first enemy phasel, Macbeth sends bandits to raid the villages. This is why you must hurry and seize Heirhein as soon as possible so Levin and Sylvia can come help clear the bandits. By turn seven, bandits will reach the first village. And by turn 10, the second village.
Boss Strategies: Elliot
By turn 4, Nodion should look something like this. You should try and finish off this axe knight and then attack Elliot with one of your higher leveled characters. If you don't want to risk it though, then just have that character rest in front of Eve. I managed to kill him in two hits with Lex and his Hero Axe. This greatly increases the survival rate of Nodion's three Paladins. Next, you'll want to finish off the Lance Knights because they have better accuracy against the Paladin's than the Axe Knights.
Advancing On
Once, you've finished off most of Elliot's troops, have your mounted group take off toward Heirhein. Let the characters that lagged behind finish off the remaining knights. Talk to Lachesis with Sigurd and she will join your group. Unfortunately, she can't move out because Sigurd ends his turn right in front of the castle so you'll have to wait until the next turn to move her out. One thing to note that is her Cross Knights always surrounds her on three sides unless there is an enemy in range. However, they will not attack bosses so you can abuse them all you want. Whenever you find the chance, have Dew speak to Lachesis. Lachesis will gain the Thief Sword and 50 love points.
The Pursuit Ring
When you have the spare time, have Arden end his turn on this spot and he will receive a Pursuit Ring. This ring is pretty much useless on Arden but once given to Levin, he'll be even more godly than he already is.
Boss Strategies: Philip
Here are possible routes you can take. Unless you're really strong, I'd suggest you go through the northern route. If not, finish off the long arches, and then Philip. Since Philip has a lower range, it is much better to take the long arches out when you can. But before you start attacking enemies you can't kill in one or two hits, kill off the little Priest. One you find that Philip is low on health, take the chance to finish him with characters that need experience.
Boss Strategies: Boldo
Boldo is pretty easy. Just attack him with Cuan and Finn and finish him off with Sigurd or something. Then, capture the castle. He drops a Barrier Ring which gives +5 resistance to the person who carries it. Pretty useful if you ask me.
Dew: Lachesis | Dierdre: Ethlin | Sigurd: Lachesis
Versus Anphony
Bard and Dancer
On the enemy phase, blablabla will become an enemy base and Macbeth will order Voltz and Beowulf to go out and join the battle. Levin and Sylvia will come out of the north-west village. Have Levin attack the closest bandit and then have Sylvia dance for him so he can kill the other one as well. Then start heading in the direction of the village that was attacked first.
Cowardly Knights
Once Heirhein is captured, these lance knights will go running back to Anphony but the next turn, they will come down again. Finish off the leader and you'll gain some nice experience. Unlike the Verdane savages, the Agustrians are quite strong so have Cuan speak to Finn and Finn will recieve the Heroes Lance.
Voltz and Mercenaries and a Mysterious Pegasus?
One turn after Heirhein is captured, Voltz will advance toward your group. I'd suggest you wait for them at this spot with Lance users and Sigurd. They should be able to fend the foe off well. Be careful though, because the Paladin trio will attack anything in it's range, even if they have to move. So if you plan on using Lachesis, I suggest you just charge the castle. The Free Knights aren't anything too special and fall in a few hits. Be careful not to kill Beowulf since he can join your group. Just have somebody with more than 10000 gold speak to him and he will take the money. Don't worry, because the money will not go away, it just transfers over to him.
Fury will also arrive and enter Agusty. Supposedly a Silesian knight looking for Prince Levin.
Boss Strategies: Macbeth
Another great time to boss abuse. Try to get Lachesis promoted since she'll be able to use all weapons and magic(besides dark). Try to get as many people promoted as you can and be sure to have love develop by having character stand next to each other and fight next to each other. Once you're done abusing Macbeth, just kick his ass with one of your newly born promoted characters(like Lachesis). After you've finished the boss, have everybody head for Nodion and start heading up the northern path to Agusty. Then conquer the castle.
Anyone: Beowulf | Cuan: Finn | Sigurd: Levin
Versus Mackily
Double Assault
Once Anphony is captured, a group of knights from Agusty will come down to meet you. Have your strongest units take the front while back-up supporters stay behind them. It should be quite easy. I'd suggest taking the knights out before starting to attack Mackily.
Silesian Knight Fury
Fury and her squad will attack Evans castle from the skies so have Levin and some others ready down near Evans Castle. When Fury is close, have Levin talk to her and she will join your party. Note: she won't attack Levin even if he is in her range.
After you conquer Anphony, Clement will release the ballistae and a squad of mages, swordfighters, and bow fighters. Once the knights from the north have been defeated, get your fighters in range of one of the swordfighters. The ballistae will strike at you as well so watch out and heal whenever possible. Just be sure to stay out of range of Clement's sleep staff.
Now to take on the enemies from Mackily, you'll want to either block them from coming further down or lead them down one at a time. I'd suggest just blocking them because it'll take a lot more time to drag them down and finish them one by one.
Boss Strategies: Clement
Before doing anything, have Dierdre silence Clement from the spot where Levin and Sylvia came out of. This is to keep her out of the enemy ballistae's range. Once you've silenced him, you'll have 4 turns to finish him off. He won't be able to attack back either let alone put you to sleep. Once he's gone, conquer Mackily as soon as possible to finish off the ballistae. If Sigurd is too far away, just have everybody retreat south until Sigurd catches up. Or if you want, have the people guarding Evans come up through the mountains and kill off the ballistae so you can regroup before heading off to Agusty.
Alec: Sylvia | Beowulf: Lachesis | Fury: Sigurd | Levin: Fury | Sylvia: Sigurd
Versus Anphony
Zain's Knights
A group of knights under Zain's command will come down and attack. They should be fairly easy. Just take your time with them. If worst comes to worst, let the Paladin trio finish the enemy.
If you want to risk being hit by the arches(which don't do much damage anyway), try this method. First, you'll want to wait by the closed gates with your mounted characters and have them sit there while Sigurd captures Mackily. The next turn, have your group clog the road to prevent the enemy from crossing. This will help you in the long run because the enemy has less space to operate. While the road is clogged, try and eliminate the ballistae. Once they're gone, just finish up the remaining knights.
Boss Strategies: Shagall
Shagall is garbage, plain garbage. Finish him from a distance with Levin or Azel. He's not even worth abusing.
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