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FEPlanet.net -> Genealogy of the Holy War -> Walkthrough -> Chapter 3: The Lion King Eltosian
Chapter 3: The Lion King Eltosian
Lord: Sigurd Main Base: Agusty
Enemies: 124 Allies and NPCs: 24
Enemy Bases: Madino, Silvail, Orgahil NPC Bases: (none)
Villages: 8(Rewards) Churches: 1
View Map Arena: 7 Stages(Foes) Shop: View New Items
Recruitable Characters
Brigid Claude Tiltyu
Duvall Eltosian Jacoban Papilion Pizar Shagall
Shagall's patience has ran out and he decides to attack Agusty on the exact same day Eltosian returned to the country. Orgahil pirates find the chance to sneak in and loot their neighboring villages as well.
This chapter's shop sells silver weapons of all weapon types and an Elfire. If Azel still has his Fire tome, it's time to upgrade. You should upgrade your main characters with the newly in stock items as well. Give them to you you think would be able to best use the items.
Versus Madino
Aggressive Countermeasures
First off, you'll want to divide your troops; one to go up the middle route north towards Madino, one east towards the lance armours, and one north-east toward the fire mages and lance knights. On the enemy turn, the Orgahil pirates will move to pilfer the villages. This is why you must use fast and quick methods to secure the villages. Have Fury fly over to the second western village to take out the pirate and save the village. Next, have your eastern squad take out the lance knights on the east and preferably send a ranged and close-up fighter to take out the mages in the forests. Next, have your main group rush towards Madino castle. Once the enemies in the east have been taken care of, have that group join the middle group for a double assault. Make sure that the enemy is unable to bypass your troops and storm the main castle. If allowed to do so, you automatically lose the game and will have to start from the last save file.
The Heroes Sword
At any point during this chapter, you can have either Lex or Holyn talk to Aira and she will recieve the Heroes Sword. It also boosts the relationship between the chosen pair. The Heroes Sword kicks butt especially against bosses. With it, Arya can do a max of twenty attacks in one turn. Combine that with dance and she may as well do up to forty.
Western Group
Send over some lance and axe users to take care of the pesky lance knights to the east. Use the forest near the edge of the road for cover. You can also head straight into the forests to take on the fire mages as well if you want though try and finish off the mages one at a time because if they gang up on you, you're toast(unless you have awesome evade). Once done, have these characters head towards Madino(through the northern forests if you want).
Eastern Group
You'll also want to take on the armours to the east one at a time unless you have complete confidence in your characters. Have some units sneak through and on ahead to the north-eastern villages while you're at it. Once you've finished off the axe knights, have your group rejoin with the middle group.
Middle Group
After one or two turns, the bow knight and generals from the north will come attack you. Be prepared with some of your stronger characters and use the forest to your advantage. Hit and runs are fine for the armours but try and finish the bowmen in one turn.
Combined Assault
Once all the random knights have been demolished, have everybody meet near the castle front. Draw the enemies out to attack you one at a time. Once most are dead, charge the castle and storm the ballistae behind it. If you want to make things easier, snipe the Bishop that heals your injured foes.
Other Notes
A "slow" pirate from the north is quite annoying and wastes time so if you want, use ranged attacks on him to get rid of the extra Orgahil phases.
Boss Strategies: Jacoban
One of the harder bosses but pretty easy nevertheless. Be aware of his Thunder Sword, though, because it can attack from a distance. Before conquering Madino, have your army split into two. One to guard Madino(smaller army) and one to meet the Cross Knights(larger army). I suggest leaving your bow users on the top to take on the Dragon Knights of Thracia unless you plan on killing Eltosian. Also, sell Dierdre's Silence Staff since she won't be around any longer.
Lex: Aira | Holyn: Aira
Versus Silvail
Gone to a New World
Bye bye Dierdre. That's right. Manfloy will come and take her away to her "new husband". There's nothing you can do except watch. On the enemy phase, like the coward he is, Shagall runs off the Silvail and orders Eltosian to attack.
Boss Strategies: Eltosian
Being a loyal knight to the former king, Eltosian had no choice but to oblige and meet Sigurd's enemy head on. His fate will be decided either way; have somebody kill him or have Lachesis talk to him. You can bide for time with Fury, if you wish since she'll be able to draw the enemy's attention. Have her wait in a spot that is reachable by land but out of the enemy's range. The Cross Knights will move after her. The next turn have her enter the sea and the enemy will start moving towards Agusty. Have Fury keep moving back and forth to buy time.
To make the safest route for Lachesis, have her sneak through the edges. If Lachesis talks to him, he will give her an Earth Sword and go back to Agusty castle to reason with the king. However, Shagall orders Eltosian to be executed on the spot. Once Eltosian is gone, however, the remaining Cross Knights will stay and attack Lachesis, the main pray. As you can see, Lachesis is promoted in the latest screenshot. If she isn't, I suggest having her wait behind your main force and then box her away from the enemy once she's talked to Eltosian. In this case, having the Knight Ring on her would be wonderful because she can talk and retreat in the same turn.
If you wish to engage him straight on, have your ranged fighters gang up on him. Levin with a Pursuit Ring should do pretty good. Have Sylvia dance so she is able to allow four people to attack an extra time. Let the ranged fighters at him again. Then finish him off with a strong character. This is where it might get risky because Eltosian has 38 skill with his boost from Mistolten. Why is that bad you ask? His skill, critical, has a higher change of activating with a higher skill. Yikes. Good luck.
Boss Strategies: Papilion
Once Eltosian has been killed, Thracian Dragon Knights will appear in the middle-western waters. If Fury doesn't guide them down to your main group, they'll head towards Madino. Have the troops stationed at Madino finish off most of the enemies in one turn to prevent counterattacks. Papilion also drops a Live Ring which will allow your units to recover a small bit of HP at the start of each turn.
Boss Strategies: Shagall
Shagall is a bit harder than last time but not much of a threat. Just have Levin attack from a distance with his Elwind. You can always charge with Aira or Finn perhaps as well. He drops a Silver Blade which is pretty useful as it is the strongest sword besides the Holy Weapons.
Lachesis: Eltosian
Versus Orgahil
Brigid the Sniper
The pirates of Orgahil overthrow their leader, Brigid and order her killed. She will start off in a bad position and is likely to be killed if she doesn't run. Have her move west towards Blagi Tower and if possible, save the village as well.
Boss Strategies: Pizar
Pizar's army will come down to attack your main force so get ready for some action. If you want, leave the bridge open so that Pizar will come down. Finish him off with a character that needs experience to get rid of the leadership star boosts. He drops a leg ring which should be pretty useful for your unmounted or mounted units.
Once Pizar's pirates are defeated, send your troops to take on the enemies advancing on Brigid. An alternative route would be to kill Duvall and conquer Orgahil but then you'd end up missing the chance to give Brigid the Ichival.
Tiltyu and Claude
They should do fine especially since Claude has the reserve staff and Tiltyu has Wrath; which should finish off any enemy that attacks her. If you feel like you need to, send Fury over to assist. Also, when Brigid gets close, she could be majorly damaged so have Claude use his Reserve Staff to heal anybody within 10 spaces of him. Once Brigid is around where Claude and Tiltyu are, have her shield and block the enemies from advancing further. Have a low-HP'd Tiltyu finish off the remaining enemies behind Brigid right here for some good experience.
The Gae Bolg and Ichival
Ethlin can talk to Cuan and give him the Gae Bolg. Cuan will be pretty darn strong with the Gae Bolg but it's kinda useless at this point in the chapter because there's only one castle left to conquer; plus the fact that he, Ethlin, and Finn will leave the next chapter. Aideen can also talk to Brigid and give her the Ichival, which will make her deadly.
Other Notes
Midir can talk to Brigid to gain some love points with her. Sigurd can talk to Brigid and Claude can talk to Sigurd. If this is your first time playing, I reccomend you have them talk since it reveals a bit about the storyline and characters.
Boss Strategies: Duvall
Duvall is easier to kill than Pizar was. Tiltyu would do great against him. Just let him hit her first. Wrath for the win.
Aideen: Brigid | Claude: Sigurd | Ethlin: Cuan | Midir: Brigid | Sigurd: Brigid
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