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Dark Dragon - 5 (0%)
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Mystery of the Emblem - 5 (0%)
Genealogy - 50 (6%)
Thracia 776 - 10 (1%)
Sword of Seals - 45 (6%)
The Blazing Sword - 171 (23%)
The Sacred Stones - 134 (18%)
Path of Radiance - 94 (12%)
Radiant Dawn - 184 (25%)
New Dark Dragon - 24 (3%)

FEPlanet.net -> Genealogy of the Holy War -> Skills -> Personal Skills
Personal Skills
Note: Characters may also recieve a number of skills based on their class. Children may also inherit additional skills from their father.
Skill Gen. 1 - Characters Gen. 2 - Characters Gen. 2 - Children
Ambush Arden, LexAless, Hannibal, Johan, Roddlevan(none)
Bargain Dew(none)(none)
Charge Beowulf, Jamka, Midir, NoishAsaello, Johalva(none)
Charisma LachesisLayleaDelmud, Nanna
Continue Cuan, Jamka, LevinAless, Amid, Femina, Hannibal, JuliaAltenna, Leaf
Critical Ethlin, Levin, NoishOifaye, TristanAltenna, Leaf
Dance (none)(none)(none)
Elite LexLinda(none)
Greatshield (none)(none)(none)
Life (none)(none)(none)
Lunar Sword Holyn(none)(none)
Meteor Sword AiraShananLakche, Skasaha
Nihil Aira, Alec, DierdreJuliaCelice, Lakche, Skasaha
Prayer SylviaDaisyCorple, Lynn
Pursuit Alec, Azel, Beowulf, Fin, Fury, Midir, SigurdAless, Hawk, Julia, Julia, OifayeCelice, Fee, Sety
Solar Sword Dew(none)(none)
Steal (none)Daisy(none)
Wrath TiltyuLindaArthur, Tinny
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