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FEPlanet.net -> Path of Radiance -> Skills

Name Effect Capacity
Adept Sometimes causes second attack. 10
Aether Triggers Sol and Luna Simultaneously. 20
Astra Attack 5 times with half the damage. 20
Blessing Restores HP to units next to user. 20
Blossom Causes higher growth rates. 15
Boon Restores status to normal to units next to user. 20
Cancel Reduces enemy attack to zero. 20
Canto Allows a unit to move again. As a heron, allows 4 units to move again. 20
Celerity Movement range raises 2 spaces. 15
Colossus Increases damage if user is larger. 20
Corrode Raises enemy weapon usage. 10
Counter Counter attacks half damage received from the enemy. 10
Daunt Lowers enemy hit percentage and critical rate. 10
Deadeye 100% hit rate and induces sleep to enemy. 20
Discipline Attack reduced for prologue. 0
Flare Lowers enemy resistance. 20
Gamble Doubles critical rate but halves hit percentage. 10
Guard No damage from the enemy attack. 10
Insight Increases attack accuracy. 0
Knife Allows the use of knives 0
Lethality Automatic Kill. 20
Lumina Can use Light magic. 0
Luna Lowers defense of enemy. 20
Mantle Damage is reduced by half. 0
Miracle Lowers damage taken when user's HP is low 5
Nihil Stops enemy skills. 15
Paragon Doubles amount of EXP gained. 15
Parity Stops terrain and support boosts for ally and enemy. 5
Provoke Raises chance of being attacked 5
Reinforce Calls in partner units for aid. 15
Renewal Restores set amount of HP at beginning of turn. 15
Roar Makes enemy movement zero for one turn. 20
Savior No affects to stats when rescuing. 10
Serenity Halves affects of Biorhythm. 10
Shade Enemies attack other units first. 5
Smite Shoves units two spaces. 10
Sol Recover amount of HP of attack done to enemy. 20
Steal Steal items and unequipped weapons from enemies. 0
Stun Makes enemy movement zero for one turn. 20
Tempest Doubles biorhthem effects. 5
Vantage Get first attack. 10
Vigiliance Increases chance of dodging attacks. 0
Vortex Wind attack. 20
Wrath When HP is half, increases critical hit rate. 10
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