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FEPlanet.net -> Site News -> Regarding Server Errors and Validations
Regarding Server Errors and Validations - Permalink
Crimea River Date Posted: Aug 22 2010, 12:49 AM
You might have, by now, noticed all of the errors on the forum. Internal Server Errors, 502 Gateway Errors, and possibly others. Hopefully this post will clear up things for those who aren’t sure what these mean and what’s going on.

First of all, I want to let you all know that neither I, nor Brad, can do much about them. I’ve contacted Zerxer about it, but he hasn’t been around lately; it’s a matter of time before I get ahold of him and maybe he can help get things cleared up.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns on this, please voice them in this announcement topic.
  • Posts: When you post a topic or respond to a topic and it gives you an error, check after a few moments to see if your post appears. Most of the time the post goes through. Otherwise, you may end up with multiple posts/topics.
  • 502 Gateway Error: To get rid of this, just clear your cache. Let us know if that does not work.
  • Personal Messages: Most of the time, PMs go through, despite the fact that you may get an “Internal Server Error.” Let us know if they’re not going through.
  • Validation: The errors are causing validation to go awry. To prevent spambots, we have to have validation, but Validating members can still post in this forum for validation.

View and Post Comments (20)

Comments (20)
(12-November 10)
I went to make an account and it said it already existed but as i was creating it said everything was available. when i went to submit it took me to an error page and when i reloaded it said it was all taken and I didn't get a confirmation code to say that my account has been activated.
Crimea River
(15-November 10)
What were the login and display names you were using? You may have already registered the account, and it is possibly in the Validation group.
(28-December 10)
Ok people!!
Crimea River
(4-January 11)
Hectorsuprfan, what was the point of that? Do not SPAM, please.
Guest_soon to be member_*
(26-January 11)
i can't even get registration to work. on the registration form, the thingy thats supposed to display 6 characters is showing a red x and the words, "loading image." my dad is a programmer, and after looking at the code (right click and "view source," he's not a hacker) he said that the random number generator probably has a bug in it or something.
Crimea River
(26-January 11)
Thank you for informing me. This must be why new members cannot register. I'm going to see what I can do. Hopefully I can disable the code so that members do not have to enter it.
Crimea River
(26-January 11)
Okay, I've fixed it. Now you do not need to enter the code.
(2-February 11)
I need my account validated can you do it for me
(7-February 11)
Alright,I forgot my pass word and everytime I go to get it to send me a new one it keeps loading a page that says. "500 Internal Server Error" Now I need your help...cause I like this site...and it is starting to upset me saying that I have tried to do this like 15 times and I have tried to IM you mail you guys and all that and you guys tell me nothing...
Crimea River
(7-February 11)
What is your e-mail address? If I know that, I can change it for you, and send it to you via e-mail.
(13-February 11)
Hey, I've logged in on my account and it comes up as "Validating" but I haven't recieved a validation e-mail and an error comes up whenever I try to resend the validation e-mail. The e-mail is: otacon-93@hotmail.co.uk, could you help me with this? grin.gif
Guest_Dragon Booster_*
(1-March 11)

"Oh, Baybe! Crimea River! Give me some food! Suppress my shiver! Cooking is so good!"
Crimea River
(1-March 11)
lolwut? XD

Do you have an account that needs validating, Dragon Booster? I couldn't find "Dragon Booster" among the members on the site. ^^;
(7-May 11)
I'm having the same problem and I can't get the password recovery function to work!! I made a second account because I couldn't figure out how to talk to you guys... Sorry! But don't worry I can't even validate it because that function isn't working either... The email associated with my real account is moonangel48@yahoo.com
Please help me! I don't want to lose all my feto units!
Crimea River
(8-May 11)
E-mailed you. ^_^.gif
(19-April 12)
My account isn't validated, can you do it for me please?
(13-May 12)
Umm...So I made an Feto account just recently and I haven't gotten it validated yet. I waited for about 30 minutes for an email but nothing happened yet. So yeah, I need some help here if possible...
(20-June 12)
There is some error with these symbols: ~ ' It adds some numbers and stuff which stops me from using them god Daein contractions!
(13-August 12)
I need my account to be validated as well... It won't send any validation email to me nor will it allow it to be resent through the resend button... I really want to try this online out so if you could help it would be much appreciated.
(31-October 12)
hi. i have a problem. i'm trying to validate the account but i can't cause, when i click in: resend validation, an error appears: 502 internal server problem. then i can't validate it
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