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Fire Emblem 3DS - Permalink
Crimea River Date Posted: Sep 18 2011, 03:47 PM
A new Fire Emblem game for the Nintendo 3DS has been announced in Japan. It will feature a new land, with new characters. It will be released in Spring of 2012, in Japan. (We do not know when or if it will be released elsewhere, but we are hopeful).

Here is video footage, and here is the Japanese site with additional screenshots, footage, and character art. I've added a discussion forum for it; look for it at the bottom of the Fire Emblem section.

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Comments (6)
(19-December 11)
It looks different from the other FE games.. wow

Did you know they put FE8 on Virtual Console for the 3DS?
(1-April 12)
ya, i got the FE8 but stopped because im playing it for the gameboy cause i finally got to my third playthrough
(8-June 12)
Hey, guys, heads up! The new game is going to be released FOR SURE in the USA. It's been announced on the Nintendo USA twitter feed with more information pending.
(15-June 12)
The game was already released in Japan, killing the PSVita and kinda promoting the 3DS.
Fire Emblem Freak
(17-February 13)
I didn't realize that this was posted in 2011 and was excited that they were coming out with another title so quickly. lol
(1-March 13)
Are you guys working on sprites for this? happy.gif
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