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FEPlanet.net -> Site News -> Fire Emblem Awakening NoA Confirmed!
Fire Emblem Awakening NoA Confirmed! - Permalink
Velyoukai Date Posted: Jun 16 2012, 12:00 AM
Alright! It looks like Reggie's confirmed that we'll be getting that Fire Emblem Awakening that we've all been hoping, praying and sacrificing sheep for here in the west! We aren't yet sure on the release date for it here in the States or in Canada, but the fact that we will be getting it should satisfy a lot of worrying people and cause a little concern for those who don't have their 3DS yet, ha! We'll be keeping up to date as best we can as we come abreast of news regarding Fire Emblem Awakening, as will other Fire Emblem sites, I'm sure.

Our FE:A discussion thread is right here, and can be found from the forum index by scrolling down to the Fire Emblem sub-forum and clicking the Awakening section.

Have a great day,

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Comments (6)
(16-June 12)
Thank God I can stop sacrificing sheep. Sheep blood is a real pain to get out of the carpet.
(19-June 12)
does anyone know if we will also get the limited edition 3ds bundle with FE????
(20-June 12)
Oh. You're up. About time~!
(27-June 12)
I'm gonna watch Nintendo Directs and pet my dog all day until this game comes out. Woo! The new Ephraim is sooooooo handsome!
Guest_The Worst User in the Whol
(26-January 13)
What up, man? Remember a user named 'Leanneserved'? Now I see why she hates this site. My other friend, Untrustworthy, didn't even come near this site! Still can't believe you copied off of Spriters Resource and then... abandoned the front page of the site... I suggest you delete all the front page posts, then put updated info. If you do, I'll actually be a part of this site again.
(9-February 13)
Wahooo! I just received this in the mail today!
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