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FEPlanet.net -> Site News -> Time to brush off the cobwebs.
Time to brush off the cobwebs. - Permalink
sirocyl Date Posted: Aug 31 2013, 05:45 PM
First of all, allow me to introduce myself.
I'm sirocyl, and I'll be a helping hand on the site for the foreseeable future.
I might not have many posts on FEPlanet, nor may I seem very active, but don't let that fool you.
I chat with a lot of the members in the FETO skype chat, gathering opinions and ideas for the site.
I'm also pretty new to Fire Emblem, myself! So if I don't understand something right away, don't take it to heart.

Now, on to why I'm here.

Although my title appears (currently) as "Root Admin", my position is unlike the others on the admin team.
I'm not here to moderate posts, ban users, and do all the typical "admin" stuff.
Although I may do those things in my free time, I'm really here to fix the site.

As it stands, according to the site, the latest Fire Emblem game in the series is Radiant Dawn.
Obviously, things have been changing since the site had its last refresh.
With three new Fire Emblem games, its debut on the 3DS, and a lot of activity and new players thanks to that, we haven't been very representative of an active community, and we've become less competitive to other Fire Emblem fan sites, and more complementary, having some things that other sites don't.

Our loyal community has stuck with us through a lot, and it's been quite a ride, but through thick and thin, we'd stick together.
Some have left us for greener pastures, but even less have joined.
(We're really an awesome community, and if you're reading this, and not already a member, why wait?)

I want this place to be a destination for the Fire Emblem community as a whole, and not just a route stop along the way.

Once I'm able to (I'm waiting for some gears to turn and to get site/admin access) I will do some testing, make some back-end changes and patch them into the site gradually. You might not notice anything aside from the site being generally faster and less error-prone.

One of the major changes is to make the site and forum not depend upon each other.
Another important change, is to make FETO not depend upon the forum.
As it stands, FETO and the site, are very much a part of the forum platform, meaning that if the forum breaks, everything crumbles around it.
Considering that the forum is in a delicate position, and has been a bit unstable in the past, we want to avoid playing PHP dominoes.

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Comments (5)
(4-September 13)
Indeed. I've been here for maybe five years, and I regret none of it. I look forward to seeing what you do with the site. Know that if you ever need any help, I'll gladly pitch in. Good luck!
(4-September 13)
There we go! Sorry about not replying sirocyl. For some reason the forum won't let people reply to your topic. The only way to reply is by leaving a comment on the main site.
Crimea River
(5-September 13)
Am here (I've been consumed by school) and ready to help in what ways I can.

Let me know, siro, when you need money towards the new IPB software license. I can offer from 30-50 dollars. ^.^

Looking forward to getting the site back up and running!
(8-September 13)
Thanks for the support, guys. o: I'll be making smallish changes here and there, in the interests of site stability.
(28-November 15)
Help I wanna play hhaaha
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