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FEPlanet.net -> Music Collection -> Premium/Arranged Tracks [Multiple Games] -> Game #3

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Premium/Arranged Tracks [Multiple Games]
Download Entire Collection - 0.00 MB - Play Album
Name - Click to play Duration Size Plays Downloads
Game #3 - Download Entire Game - 0.00 MB - Play Game
1) Fire Emblem "theme" 02:25 3.13 MB 1105 23150 Download
2) Looking into the history ~Opening~ 01:19 1.62 MB 490 23149 Download
3) Breeze in the field (Player's BGM arranged for Lin) 02:30 3.24 MB 834 23151 Download
4) Battle (Player's battle sequence theme) 01:30 2.14 MB 967 23147 Download
5) One heart ~Eliwod's theme~ 02:00 2.63 MB 812 23146 Download

For some reason, in some we browsers, and even exclusively with some songs, they will be played at double the normal speed. If this happens, either try another web browser (I can't even say which work/don't work as it has differed on a case-to-case basis), or simply download it. Sorry.
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