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Sprite of Idoun

Sprite of: Idoun
Sprite has been viewed: 77256 time(s). Sprite ID: 1423

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Sword of Seals (Results: 221)
Name Alignment Class Weapon Critical? Views
Alan Ally Cavalier Lance No 45605
Alan Ally Cavalier Lance Yes 41372
Alan Ally Cavalier Sword No 40621
Alan Ally Cavalier Sword Yes 41484
Alan Ally Paladin Axe No 41607
Alan Ally Paladin Axe Yes 40576
Alan Ally Paladin Lance No 40398
Alan Ally Paladin Lance Yes 39924
Alan Ally Paladin Sword No 41049
Alan Ally Paladin Sword Yes 40411
Barth Ally General Axe No 44757
Barth Ally General Axe Yes 42641
Barth Ally General Handaxe No 41888
Barth Ally General Handaxe Yes 40933
Barth Ally General Lance No 42516
Barth Ally General Lance Yes 41687
Barth Ally Knight Lance No 42760
Barth Ally Knight Lance Yes 40785
Bartre Ally Warrior Axe No 41690
Bartre Ally Warrior Axe Yes 41367
Bartre Ally Warrior Axe (Dodge) No 42076
Bartre Ally Warrior Bow No 41450
Bartre Ally Warrior Bow Yes 40418
Bors Ally General Axe No 42604
Bors Ally General Axe Yes 40739
Bors Ally General Handaxe No 41027
Bors Ally General Handaxe Yes 40615
Bors Ally General Lance No 41065
Bors Ally General Lance Yes 40745
Bors Ally Knight Lance No 42174
Bors Ally Knight Lance Yes 40500
Brenya Enemy Sage Magic No 42157
Brenya Ally Sage Magic Yes 43821
Cecilia Ally Valkyrie Magic No 39634
Cecilia Ally Valkyrie Magic Yes 39160
Clarine Ally Valkyrie Magic No 38695
Clarine Ally Valkyrie Magic Yes 38452
Dayan Ally Nomad Trooper Sword No 39874
Dayan Ally Nomadic Trooper Bow No 40352
Dieck Ally Hero Handaxe No 40251
Dieck Ally Hero Handaxe Yes 39729
Dieck Ally Hero Magic Sword No 42040
Dieck Ally Hero Sword No 40673
Dieck Ally Mercenary Sword No 41232
Dorothy Ally Archer Bow No 39694
Dorothy Ally Archer Bow Yes 39101
Dorothy Ally Sniper Bow No 39202
Dorothy Ally Sniper Bow Yes 39584
Douglas Ally General Axe No 39885
Douglas Ally General Axe Yes 39887
Douglas Ally General Handaxe No 38487
Douglas Ally General Handaxe Yes 38825
Douglas Ally General Lance No 39318
Douglas Ally General Lance Yes 39828
Echidna Ally Hero Sword No 46129
Elen Ally Bishop Magic No 45485
Eliwood Ally Paladin Axe No 58656
Eliwood NPC Paladin Axe Yes 46494
Eliwood Ally Paladin Lance No 57159
Eliwood NPC Paladin Lance Yes 44602
Eliwood Ally Paladin Sword No 61977
Eliwood NPC Paladin Sword Yes 55077
Ellen Ally Bishop Magic Yes 44785
Elphin Ally Bard Harp No 62394
Fa Ally Mamkute Breath Yes 48600
Fir Ally Swordmaster Sword No 44214
Fir Ally Swordmaster Sword Yes 43478
Gale Enemy Wyvern Lord Lance No 43042
Gale Enemy Wyvern Lord Lance Yes 43118
Garret Ally Berserker Axe No 41917
Garret Ally Berserker Axe Yes 42751
Garret Ally Berserker Handaxe No 40959
Garret Ally Berserker Handaxe Yes 41071
Geese Ally Berserker Axe No 41283
Geese Ally Berserker Axe Yes 42284
Geese Ally Berserker Handaxe No 41338
Geese Ally Berserker Handaxe Yes 41653
Geese Ally Pirate Axe No 43551
Gonzales Ally Bandit Axe Yes 44064
Gonzales Ally Brigand Axe No 44078
Guinevere Ally Sage Magic No 42264
Guinevere Ally Sage Magic Yes 42058
Hector NPC General Axe No 39475
Hector NPC General Axe Yes 41260
Hector NPC General Handaxe No 37467
Hector NPC General Handaxe Yes 39193
Hector NPC General Lance No 38323
Hector NPC General Lance Yes 51560
Hugh Ally Mage Magic No 39336
Hugh Ally Sage Magic No 38200
Hugh Ally Sage Magic Yes 39136
Idoun Enemy Dark Dragon Breath No 77255
Igrene Ally Sniper Bow No 36444
Igrene Ally Sniper Bow Yes 36242
Klein Ally Sniper Ballista No 39461
Klein Ally Sniper Bow No 38703
Klein Ally Sniper Bow Yes 38680
Lance Ally Cavalier Lance No 44858
Lance Ally Cavalier Lance Yes 44879
Lance Ally Cavalier Sword No 44494
Lance Ally Cavalier Sword Yes 45359
Lance Ally Paladin Axe No 44737
Lance Ally Paladin Axe Yes 45228
Lance Ally Paladin Lance No 44277
Lance Ally Paladin Lance Yes 45205
Lance Ally Paladin Sword No 45063
Lance Ally Paladin Sword Yes 44682
Lilina Ally Mage Magic No 64393
Lilina Ally Sage Magic No 45929
Lilina Ally Sage Magic Yes 48884
Lot Ally Fighter Axe No 44529
Lot Ally Fighter Axe Yes 44554
Lot Ally Warrior Axe No 44892
Lot Ally Warrior Axe Yes 44251
Lot Ally Warrior Bow No 44209
Lot Ally Warrior Bow Yes 45067
Lugh Ally Mage Magic No 45747
Lugh Ally Sage Magic No 45290
Lugh Ally Sage Magic Yes 45617
Marcus Ally Paladin Axe No 44811
Marcus Ally Paladin Axe Yes 44187
Marcus Ally Paladin Lance No 43797
Marcus Ally Paladin Lance Yes 44583
Marcus Ally Paladin Sword No 44069
Marcus Ally Paladin Sword Yes 44180
Miledy Ally Wyvern Lord Lance Yes 47787
Murdock Enemy General Axe No 44577
Murdock Enemy General Axe Yes 44348
Murdock Enemy General Handaxe No 44732
Murdock Enemy General Handaxe Yes 43928
Murdock Enemy General Lance No 43391
Murdock Enemy General Lance Yes 45497
Narshen Enemy Wyvern Lord Lance No 38561
Narshen Enemy Wyvern Lord Lance Yes 38779
Niime Ally Druid Magic Yes 41052
Noah Ally Cavalier Lance No 37714
Noah Ally Cavalier Lance Yes 37414
Noah Ally Cavalier Sword No 37621
Noah Ally Cavalier Sword Yes 37826
Noah Ally Paladin Axe No 36706
Noah Ally Paladin Axe Yes 36940
Noah Ally Paladin Lance No 37046
Noah Ally Paladin Lance Yes 37125
Noah Ally Paladin Sword No 37450
Noah Ally Paladin Sword Yes 37421
Ohtz Enemy Sage Magic No 36830
Ohtz Enemy Sage Magic Yes 37160
Oujay Ally Hero Handaxe No 37605
Oujay Ally Hero Handaxe Yes 37508
Oujay Ally Hero Sword No 38682
Oujay Ally Mercenary Sword No 37489
Percival Ally Paladin Axe No 37916
Percival Ally Paladin Axe Yes 37342
Percival Ally Paladin Lance No 37363
Percival Ally Paladin Lance Yes 37094
Percival Ally Paladin Sword No 38896
Percival Ally Paladin Sword Yes 37123
Rei Ally Druid Magic Yes 43365
Rei Ally Shaman Flux No 40765
Roartz Enemy General Axe No 39144
Roartz Enemy General Axe Yes 40547
Roartz Enemy General Handaxe No 39063
Roartz Enemy General Handaxe Yes 40668
Roartz Enemy General Lance No 40023
Roartz Enemy General Lance Yes 42493
Roy Ally Lord Sword No 45694
Roy Ally Lord Sword Yes 46552
Roy Ally Master Lord Sword No 47699
Roy Ally Master Lord Sword Yes 50940
Rutger Ally Myrmidon Sword Yes 42774
Saul Ally Bishop Magic No 39326
Saul Ally Bishop Magic Yes 39562
Shin Ally Nomad Bow No 38733
Shin Ally Nomad Bow Yes 38644
Shin Ally Nomadic Trooper Bow No 39047
Shin Ally Nomadic Trooper Sword No 39566
Sophia Ally Druid Magic Yes 41905
Sophia Ally Shaman Magic No 39282
Sophia Ally Shaman Magic Yes 41135
Sue Ally Nomad Bow No 38667
Sue Ally Nomad Bow Yes 39692
Sue Ally Nomadic Trooper Bow No 39078
Sue Ally Nomadic Trooper Bow Yes 39705
Sue Ally Nomadic Trooper Sword No 39484
Sue Ally Nomadic Trooper Sword Yes 41062
Thany Ally Pegasus Knight Lance No 37516
Thany Ally Pegasus Knight Lance Yes 37524
Treck Ally Paladin Axe No 36159
Treck Ally Paladin Axe Yes 36305
Treck Ally Paladin Lance No 36186
Treck Ally Paladin Lance Yes 36024
Treck Ally Paladin Sword No 35504
Treck Ally Paladin Sword Yes 35786
Wade Ally Fighter Axe No 37328
Wade Ally Fighter Axe Yes 37337
Wade Ally Warrior Axe No 38266
Wade Ally Warrior Axe Yes 37146
Wade Ally Warrior Bow No 37567
Wade Ally Warrior Bow Yes 37362
Wendy Ally General Axe No 37819
Wendy Ally General Axe Yes 38514
Wendy Ally General Handaxe No 37716
Wendy Ally General Handaxe Yes 37869
Wendy Ally General Lance No 37892
Wendy Ally General Lance Yes 38316
Wendy Ally Knight Lance No 38290
Wendy Ally Knight Lance Yes 38498
Wolt Ally Archer Bow No 38043
Wolt Ally Archer Bow Yes 38095
Wolt Ally Sniper Bow No 37567
Wolt Ally Sniper Bow Yes 39043
Yodel Ally Bishop Magic Yes 37427
Zealot Ally Paladin Axe No 38301
Zealot Ally Paladin Axe Yes 37014
Zealot Ally Paladin Lance No 37398
Zealot Ally Paladin Lance Yes 36657
Zealot Ally Paladin Sword No 51895
Zealot Ally Paladin Sword Yes 37112
Zeiss Ally Wyvern Lord Lance No 37843
Zeiss Ally Wyvern Lord Lance Yes 38184
Zephiel Ally King Sword Yes 77017

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