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Sprite of Paul

Sprite of: Paul
Sprite has been viewed: 15175 time(s). Sprite ID: 2370

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The Blazing Sword (Results: 315)
Name Alignment Class Weapon Critical? Views
Aion Enemy Sage Magic No 21142
Aion Enemy Sage Magic Yes 19733
Athos Ally Archsage Magic Yes 42116
Bartre Ally Fighter Axe No 18811
Bartre Ally Fighter Axe Yes 18315
Bartre Ally Warrior Axe No 20611
Bartre Ally Warrior Axe Yes 18856
Bartre Ally Warrior Bow No 19320
Bartre Ally Warrior Bow Yes 18456
Batta Enemy Bandit Axe No 19655
Batta Enemy Brigand Axe Yes 19497
Bauker Enemy Knight Lance No 18873
Bernard Enemy General Axe No 18417
Bernard Enemy General Axe Yes 17559
Bernard Enemy General Handaxe No 17358
Bernard Enemy General Handaxe Yes 17389
Bernard Enemy General Lance No 17640
Bernard Enemy General Lance Yes 17348
Beyard Enemy Mercenary Sword No 18261
Beyard Enemy Mercenary Sword Yes 18344
Boies Enemy Knight Lance No 18270
Bool Enemy Knight Lance No 18362
Brendan Enemy Warrior Axe No 17857
Brendan Enemy Warrior Axe Yes 17949
Brendan Enemy Warrior Bow No 17850
Brendan Enemy Warrior Bow Yes 17710
Bug Enemy Bandit Axe No 18463
Bug Enemy Brigand Axe Yes 19049
Cameron Enemy Paladin Axe No 16681
Cameron Enemy Paladin Axe Yes 15366
Cameron Enemy Paladin Lance No 15785
Cameron Enemy Paladin Lance Yes 14999
Cameron Enemy Paladin Swor No 16006
Cameron Enemy Paladin Sword Yes 15220
Canas Ally Druid Magic Yes 18819
Canas Ally Shaman Flux No 20093
Carjiga Enemy Bandit Axe No 16667
Carjiga Enemy Brigand Axe Yes 16762
Damian Enemy Paladin Axe No 16715
Damian Enemy Paladin Axe Yes 15722
Damian Enemy Paladin Lance No 16744
Damian Enemy Paladin Lance Yes 16225
Damian Enemy Paladin Sword No 16541
Damian Enemy Paladin Sword Yes 15907
Darin Enemy General Axe No 16749
Darin Enemy General Axe Yes 16374
Darin Enemy General Handaxe No 16693
Darin Enemy General Handaxe Yes 16529
Darin Enemy General Lance No 16579
Darin Enemy General Lance Yes 16594
Dart Ally Berserker Axe No 17574
Dart Ally Berserker Axe Yes 18542
Dart Ally Berserker Handaxe No 17176
Dart Ally Berserker Handaxe Yes 17645
Dart Ally Pirate Axe No 19130
Denning Enemy Sniper Bow No 18990
Denning Enemy Sniper Bow Yes 17077
Dorcas Ally Fighter Axe No 18348
Dorcas Ally Fighter Axe Yes 16460
Dorcas Ally Warrior Axe No 16954
Dorcas Ally Warrior Axe Yes 16403
Dorcas Ally Warrior Bow No 16337
Dorcas Ally Warrior Bow Yes 16492
Eagler Enemy Paladin Axe No 18275
Eagler Enemy Paladin Axe Yes 20183
Eagler Enemy Paladin Lance No 18142
Eagler Enemy Paladin Lance Yes 19965
Eagler Enemy Paladin Sword No 18396
Eagler Enemy Paladin Sword Yes 19937
Eliwood Ally Knight Lord Durandal No 22266
Eliwood Ally Knight Lord Durandal Yes 24188
Eliwood Ally Knight Lord Lance No 37536
Eliwood Ally Lord Sword No 23876
Eliwood Ally Lord Sword No 22782
Eliwood Ally Lord Sword Yes 28492
Enemy Enemy Berserker Axe No 19513
Enemy Enemy Berserker Handaxe No 19040
Enemy Enemy Brigand Axe No 19313
Enemy Enemy Brigand Axe Yes 19602
Enemy Enemy General Axe No 18620
Enemy Enemy General Handaxe No 18712
Enemy Enemy General Lance No 19055
Enemy Enemy Knight Lance No 19401
Enemy Enemy Lord (Eliwood) Sword No 20163
Enemy Enemy Lord (Eliwood) Sword Yes 20145
Enemy Enemy Lord (Hector) Axe No 19627
Enemy Enemy Lord (Hector) Axe Yes 20138
Enemy Enemy Paladin Axe No 18696
Enemy Enemy Paladin Lance No 19572
Enemy Enemy Paladin Sword No 18986
Enemy Enemy Sniper Bow No 20378
Enemy Enemy Wyvern Lord Lance No 19527
Enemy Enemy Wyvern Lord Lance Yes 18791
Erik Enemy Cavalier Lance No 19096
Erik Enemy Cavalier Lance Yes 18476
Erik Enemy Cavalier Sword No 18549
Erik Enemy Cavalier Sword Yes 19371
Erk Ally Mage Magic No 19579
Erk Ally Mage Magic Yes 19763
Erk Ally Sage Magic No 19840
Erk Ally Sage Magic Yes 20512
Eubans Enemy Paladin Axe No 19074
Eubans Enemy Paladin Axe Yes 18025
Eubans Enemy Paladin Lance No 19059
Eubans Enemy Paladin Lance Yes 18192
Eubans Enemy Paladin Sword No 18636
Eubans Enemy Paladin Sword Yes 18509
Fargus NPC Berserker Axe No 17535
Fargus NPC Berserker Axe Yes 18172
Fargus NPC Berserker Handaxe No 17015
Fargus NPC Berserker Handaxe Yes 17513
Farina Ally Pegasus Knight Lance No 16869
Farina Ally Pegasus Knight Lance Yes 17300
Fiora Ally Pegasus Knight Lance No 16846
Fiora Ally Pegasus Knight Lance Yes 17225
Florina Ally Pegasus Knight Lance No 17588
Florina Ally Pegasus Knight Lance Yes 19261
Geitz Ally Warrior Axe No 19521
Geitz Ally Warrior Axe Yes 19785
Geitz Ally Warrior Bow No 18511
Geitz Ally Warrior Bow Yes 19676
Georg Enemy Berserker Axe No 18857
Georg Enemy Berserker Axe Yes 18814
Georg Enemy Berserker Handaxe No 18344
Georg Enemy Berserker Handaxe Yes 18640
Glass Enemy Mercenary Sword No 18568
Glass Enemy Mercenary Sword Yes 18319
Groznyi Enemy Bandit Axe No 18516
Groznyi Enemy Brigand Axe Yes 18909
Guy Ally Myrmidon Sword Yes 23261
Harken Ally Hero Axe No 16053
Harken Ally Hero Sword No 16563
Harken Ally Hero Sword Yes 44767
Hawkeye Ally Berserker Axe No 19143
Heath Ally Wyvern Lord Lance No 15957
Heath Ally Wyvern Lord Lance Yes 16648
Heath Ally Wyvern Rider Lance No 17604
Hector Ally Great Lord Armads Yes 21187
Hector Ally Great Lord Axe No 17186
Hector Ally Great Lord Axe Yes 18127
Hector Ally Great Lord Sword No 17113
Hector Ally Great Lord Sword Yes 18327
Hector Ally Lord Axe No 18788
Hector Ally Lord Axe Yes 17146
Heintz Enemy Shaman Flux No 16081
Isadora Ally Paladin Sword No 17557
Jaffar Ally Assassin Sword No 33005
Jaffar Ally Assassin Sword Yes 20987
Jasmine Enemy Warrior Axe No 16679
Jasmine Enemy Warrior Axe Yes 15315
Jasmine Enemy Warrior Bow No 15418
Jasmine Enemy Warrior Bow Yes 14538
Jerme Enemy Assassin Sword No 17059
Kaim Enemy Hero Handaxe No 17190
Kaim Enemy Hero Handaxe Yes 15869
Kaim Enemy Hero Sword No 16439
Karel Ally Swordmaster Sword No 18250
Karel Ally Swordmaster Sword Yes 43001
Kenneth Enemy Bishop Magic No 15725
Kenneth Enemy Bishop Magic Yes 16487
Kent Ally Cavalier Lance No 15992
Kent Ally Cavalier Lance Yes 15934
Kent Ally Cavalier Sword No 15992
Kent Ally Cavalier Sword Yes 16210
Kent Ally Paladin Axe No 15489
Kent Ally Paladin Axe Yes 16022
Kent Ally Paladin Lance No 16157
Kent Ally Paladin Lance Yes 16278
Kent Ally Paladin Sword No 15800
Kent Ally Paladin Sword Yes 16075
Legault Ally Assassin Sword No 22904
Legault Ally Thief Magic Sword No 24259
Legault Ally Thief Sword No 22803
Legault Ally Thief Sword Yes 22966
Limstella Enemy Sage Magic No 20769
Limstella Enemy Sage Magic Yes 21321
Linus Enemy Hero Sword No 21331
Linus Enemy Hero Sword Yes 21434
Lloyd Enemy Swordmaster Sword No 25737
Lloyd Enemy Swordmaster Sword Yes 23016
Louise Ally Sniper Bow No 20778
Louise Ally Sniper Bow Yes 22552
Lowen Ally Cavalier Lance No 21162
Lowen Ally Cavalier Lance Yes 21489
Lowen Ally Cavalier Sword No 21194
Lowen Ally Cavalier Sword Yes 20119
Lowen Ally Paladin Axe No 19882
Lowen Ally Paladin Axe Yes 19859
Lowen Ally Paladin Lance No 19787
Lowen Ally Paladin Lance Yes 19825
Lowen Ally Paladin Sword No 19864
Lowen Ally Paladin Sword Yes 19486
Lucius Ally Monk Magic No 21909
Lucius Ally Monk Magic Yes 22780
Lundgren Enemy General Axe No 20487
Lundgren Enemy General Axe Yes 19886
Lundgren Enemy General Handaxe No 20207
Lundgren Enemy General Handaxe Yes 19966
Lundgren Enemy General Lance No 20537
Lundgren Enemy General Lance Yes 20203
Lyn Ally Blade Lord Bow No 23705
Lyn Ally Blade Lord Bow Yes 24027
Lyn Ally Blade Lord Sol Katti No 51134
Lyn Ally Blade Lord Sol Katti Yes 29956
Lyn Ally Lord Sword No 26773
Lyn Ally Lord Sword Yes 28952
Marcus Ally Paladin Axe No 21147
Marcus Ally Paladin Axe Yes 20909
Marcus Ally Paladin Lance No 20549
Marcus Ally Paladin Lance Yes 19770
Marcus Ally Paladin Sword No 19840
Marcus Ally Paladin Sword Yes 20434
Matthew Ally Assassin Sword No 20682
Matthew Ally Assassin Sword Yes 21963
Matthew Ally Thief Sword No 22515
Matthew Ally Thief Sword Yes 20876
Maxime Enemy Paladin Axe No 20916
Maxime Enemy Paladin Axe Yes 19733
Maxime Enemy Paladin Lance No 20624
Maxime Enemy Paladin Lance Yes 19565
Maxime Enemy Paladin Sword No 20809
Maxime Enemy Paladin Sword Yes 19860
Migal Enemy Bandit Axe No 20341
Migal Enemy Brigand Axe Yes 20925
Nergal Enemy Dark Druid Magic Yes 19499
Ninian Ally Dancer Ring No 40910
Nino Ally Mage Magic No 18326
Nino Ally Mage Magic Yes 18777
Oleg Enemy Warrior Axe No 15641
Oleg Enemy Warrior Axe Yes 15166
Oleg Enemy Warrior Bow No 15026
Oleg Enemy Warrior Bow Yes 14532
Oswin Ally General Axe No 14793
Oswin Ally General Axe Yes 14910
Oswin Ally General Handaxe No 14540
Oswin Ally General Handaxe Yes 14441
Oswin Ally General Lance No 14857
Oswin Ally General Lance Yes 15283
Oswin Ally Knight Lance No 15156
Oswin Ally Knight Lance Yes 16085
Pascal Enemy Paladin Axe No 15597
Pascal Enemy Paladin Axe Yes 14737
Pascal Enemy Paladin Lance No 14977
Pascal Enemy Paladin Lance Yes 14766
Pascal Enemy Paladin Sword No 14868
Pascal Enemy Paladin Sword Yes 14800
Paul Enemy Warrior Axe No 15120
Paul Enemy Warrior Axe Yes 14866
Paul Enemy Warrior Bow No 14768
Paul Enemy Warrior Bow Yes 15174
Pent Ally Sage Magic No 15462
Pent Ally Sage Magic Yes 17776
Priscilla Ally Troubadour Staff No 17320
Priscilla Ally Valkyrie Magic No 15419
Priscilla Ally Valkyrie Magic Yes 15845
Puzon Enemy Mercenary Sword No 15109
Puzon Enemy Mercenary Sword Yes 15201
Rath Ally Nomad Bow No 16399
Rath Ally Nomad Bow Yes 16376
Rath Ally Nomadic Trooper Bow No 16616
Rath Ally Nomadic Trooper Sword No 17261
Raven Ally Hero Sword No 17574
Raven Ally Hero Sword Yes 18311
Raven Ally Mercenary Sword No 19259
Raven Ally Mercenary Sword Yes 19641
Raven Ally Mercenary Sword (Dodge) No 18056
Rebecca Ally Archer Bow Yes 18715
Rebecca Ally Sniper Bow No 16647
Rebecca Ally Sniper Bow Yes 17370
Renault Ally Bishop Magic No 16207
Renault Ally Bishop Magic Yes 16648
Sain Ally Cavalier Lance No 16002
Sain Ally Cavalier Lance Yes 15649
Sain Ally Cavalier Sword No 15633
Sain Ally Cavalier Sword Yes 15868
Sain Ally Paladin Axe No 15526
Sain Ally Paladin Axe Yes 15306
Sain Ally Paladin Handaxe No 15639
Sain Ally Paladin Lance No 15635
Sain Ally Paladin Lance Yes 15778
Sain Ally Paladin Sword No 15793
Sain Ally Paladin Sword Yes 15469
Sealen Enemy Nomad Bow No 15781
Sealen Enemy Nomad Bow Yes 15734
Serra Ally Bishop Magic No 15879
Serra Ally Bishop Magic Yes 15963
Serra Ally Cleric Staff No 17978
Sonia Enemy Sage Magic No 16452
Sonia Enemy Sage Magic Yes 16263
Teodor Enemy Druid Magic Yes 15925
Uhai Enemy Nomadic Trooper Bow No 14604
Uhai Enemy Nomadic Trooper Sword No 14427
Ursula Enemy Valkyrie Magic No 14768
Ursula Enemy Valkyrie Magic Yes 15073
Vaida Ally Wyvern Lord Lance No 16576
Vaida Ally Wyvern Lord Lance Yes 16627
Wallace Ally General Axe No 15473
Wallace Ally General Axe Yes 15626
Wallace Ally General Handaxe No 15180
Wallace Ally General Handaxe Yes 15675
Wallace Ally General Lance No 15707
Wallace Ally General Lance Yes 15981
Wallace Ally Knight Lance No 16714
Wallace Ally Knight Lance Yes 17535
Wil Ally Archer Bow No 17541
Wil Ally Archer Bow Yes 16077
Wil Ally Sniper Bow No 17205
Wil Ally Sniper Bow Yes 16624
Wire Enemy Knight Lance No 17948
Yogi Enemy Knight Lance No 15570
Zagan Enemy Fighter Axe No 14794
Zagan Enemy Fighter Axe Yes 14467
Zoldam Enemy Shaman Flux No 15629
Zugu Enemy Bandit Axe No 15912
Zugu Enemy Brigand Axe Yes 16520

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