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Sprite of Paul

Sprite of: Paul
Sprite has been viewed: 27760 time(s). Sprite ID: 2370

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The Blazing Sword (Results: 315)
Name Alignment Class Weapon Critical? Views
Aion Enemy Sage Magic No 35296
Aion Enemy Sage Magic Yes 33581
Athos Ally Archsage Magic Yes 59077
Bartre Ally Fighter Axe No 32489
Bartre Ally Fighter Axe Yes 32329
Bartre Ally Warrior Axe No 35125
Bartre Ally Warrior Axe Yes 32451
Bartre Ally Warrior Bow No 33849
Bartre Ally Warrior Bow Yes 31912
Batta Enemy Bandit Axe No 34521
Batta Enemy Brigand Axe Yes 33968
Bauker Enemy Knight Lance No 33114
Bernard Enemy General Axe No 32427
Bernard Enemy General Axe Yes 31562
Bernard Enemy General Handaxe No 31287
Bernard Enemy General Handaxe Yes 31308
Bernard Enemy General Lance No 31203
Bernard Enemy General Lance Yes 31648
Beyard Enemy Mercenary Sword No 31902
Beyard Enemy Mercenary Sword Yes 32287
Boies Enemy Knight Lance No 31986
Bool Enemy Knight Lance No 32179
Brendan Enemy Warrior Axe No 31506
Brendan Enemy Warrior Axe Yes 31396
Brendan Enemy Warrior Bow No 31841
Brendan Enemy Warrior Bow Yes 31593
Bug Enemy Bandit Axe No 32326
Bug Enemy Brigand Axe Yes 33685
Cameron Enemy Paladin Axe No 29833
Cameron Enemy Paladin Axe Yes 29047
Cameron Enemy Paladin Lance No 29286
Cameron Enemy Paladin Lance Yes 28288
Cameron Enemy Paladin Swor No 29358
Cameron Enemy Paladin Sword Yes 29104
Canas Ally Druid Magic Yes 32483
Canas Ally Shaman Flux No 34286
Carjiga Enemy Bandit Axe No 30043
Carjiga Enemy Brigand Axe Yes 30864
Damian Enemy Paladin Axe No 30457
Damian Enemy Paladin Axe Yes 29788
Damian Enemy Paladin Lance No 30408
Damian Enemy Paladin Lance Yes 30212
Damian Enemy Paladin Sword No 30612
Damian Enemy Paladin Sword Yes 29695
Darin Enemy General Axe No 30395
Darin Enemy General Axe Yes 30445
Darin Enemy General Handaxe No 30358
Darin Enemy General Handaxe Yes 30199
Darin Enemy General Lance No 30054
Darin Enemy General Lance Yes 30485
Dart Ally Berserker Axe No 32321
Dart Ally Berserker Axe Yes 33093
Dart Ally Berserker Handaxe No 31684
Dart Ally Berserker Handaxe Yes 32273
Dart Ally Pirate Axe No 33874
Denning Enemy Sniper Bow No 33538
Denning Enemy Sniper Bow Yes 30896
Dorcas Ally Fighter Axe No 32862
Dorcas Ally Fighter Axe Yes 29817
Dorcas Ally Warrior Axe No 30578
Dorcas Ally Warrior Axe Yes 30035
Dorcas Ally Warrior Bow No 29987
Dorcas Ally Warrior Bow Yes 30256
Eagler Enemy Paladin Axe No 33188
Eagler Enemy Paladin Axe Yes 35410
Eagler Enemy Paladin Lance No 33130
Eagler Enemy Paladin Lance Yes 35129
Eagler Enemy Paladin Sword No 33457
Eagler Enemy Paladin Sword Yes 35179
Eliwood Ally Knight Lord Durandal No 36868
Eliwood Ally Knight Lord Durandal Yes 39232
Eliwood Ally Knight Lord Lance No 55132
Eliwood Ally Lord Sword No 39215
Eliwood Ally Lord Sword No 38634
Eliwood Ally Lord Sword Yes 44877
Enemy Enemy Berserker Axe No 34057
Enemy Enemy Berserker Handaxe No 33603
Enemy Enemy Brigand Axe No 33743
Enemy Enemy Brigand Axe Yes 34640
Enemy Enemy General Axe No 32947
Enemy Enemy General Handaxe No 32989
Enemy Enemy General Lance No 33274
Enemy Enemy Knight Lance No 33966
Enemy Enemy Lord (Eliwood) Sword No 35170
Enemy Enemy Lord (Eliwood) Sword Yes 35174
Enemy Enemy Lord (Hector) Axe No 34353
Enemy Enemy Lord (Hector) Axe Yes 34961
Enemy Enemy Paladin Axe No 33242
Enemy Enemy Paladin Lance No 34861
Enemy Enemy Paladin Sword No 34468
Enemy Enemy Sniper Bow No 35672
Enemy Enemy Wyvern Lord Lance No 33850
Enemy Enemy Wyvern Lord Lance Yes 33560
Erik Enemy Cavalier Lance No 33966
Erik Enemy Cavalier Lance Yes 32993
Erik Enemy Cavalier Sword No 33403
Erik Enemy Cavalier Sword Yes 34116
Erk Ally Mage Magic No 34526
Erk Ally Mage Magic Yes 34486
Erk Ally Sage Magic No 34473
Erk Ally Sage Magic Yes 35040
Eubans Enemy Paladin Axe No 33400
Eubans Enemy Paladin Axe Yes 32838
Eubans Enemy Paladin Lance No 33388
Eubans Enemy Paladin Lance Yes 33023
Eubans Enemy Paladin Sword No 33274
Eubans Enemy Paladin Sword Yes 33550
Fargus NPC Berserker Axe No 32053
Fargus NPC Berserker Axe Yes 32533
Fargus NPC Berserker Handaxe No 31052
Fargus NPC Berserker Handaxe Yes 32402
Farina Ally Pegasus Knight Lance No 31136
Farina Ally Pegasus Knight Lance Yes 31806
Fiora Ally Pegasus Knight Lance No 31048
Fiora Ally Pegasus Knight Lance Yes 31323
Florina Ally Pegasus Knight Lance No 32153
Florina Ally Pegasus Knight Lance Yes 33688
Geitz Ally Warrior Axe No 34156
Geitz Ally Warrior Axe Yes 34263
Geitz Ally Warrior Bow No 33099
Geitz Ally Warrior Bow Yes 34032
Georg Enemy Berserker Axe No 33308
Georg Enemy Berserker Axe Yes 33582
Georg Enemy Berserker Handaxe No 32878
Georg Enemy Berserker Handaxe Yes 33069
Glass Enemy Mercenary Sword No 32425
Glass Enemy Mercenary Sword Yes 32058
Groznyi Enemy Bandit Axe No 32545
Groznyi Enemy Brigand Axe Yes 33620
Guy Ally Myrmidon Sword Yes 37875
Harken Ally Hero Axe No 29685
Harken Ally Hero Sword No 30002
Harken Ally Hero Sword Yes 60575
Hawkeye Ally Berserker Axe No 33387
Heath Ally Wyvern Lord Lance No 29512
Heath Ally Wyvern Lord Lance Yes 30091
Heath Ally Wyvern Rider Lance No 32167
Hector Ally Great Lord Armads Yes 35173
Hector Ally Great Lord Axe No 30796
Hector Ally Great Lord Axe Yes 32033
Hector Ally Great Lord Sword No 30769
Hector Ally Great Lord Sword Yes 31954
Hector Ally Lord Axe No 33486
Hector Ally Lord Axe Yes 30513
Heintz Enemy Shaman Flux No 29788
Isadora Ally Paladin Sword No 31799
Jaffar Ally Assassin Sword No 47312
Jaffar Ally Assassin Sword Yes 35037
Jasmine Enemy Warrior Axe No 30757
Jasmine Enemy Warrior Axe Yes 28538
Jasmine Enemy Warrior Bow No 28929
Jasmine Enemy Warrior Bow Yes 27714
Jerme Enemy Assassin Sword No 30405
Kaim Enemy Hero Handaxe No 31383
Kaim Enemy Hero Handaxe Yes 29792
Kaim Enemy Hero Sword No 29744
Karel Ally Swordmaster Sword No 32641
Karel Ally Swordmaster Sword Yes 59178
Kenneth Enemy Bishop Magic No 29558
Kenneth Enemy Bishop Magic Yes 30063
Kent Ally Cavalier Lance No 29639
Kent Ally Cavalier Lance Yes 29614
Kent Ally Cavalier Sword No 29625
Kent Ally Cavalier Sword Yes 29873
Kent Ally Paladin Axe No 29628
Kent Ally Paladin Axe Yes 29976
Kent Ally Paladin Lance No 30064
Kent Ally Paladin Lance Yes 29902
Kent Ally Paladin Sword No 29422
Kent Ally Paladin Sword Yes 29613
Legault Ally Assassin Sword No 38264
Legault Ally Thief Magic Sword No 40213
Legault Ally Thief Sword No 38763
Legault Ally Thief Sword Yes 38766
Limstella Enemy Sage Magic No 35736
Limstella Enemy Sage Magic Yes 35747
Linus Enemy Hero Sword No 36226
Linus Enemy Hero Sword Yes 36366
Lloyd Enemy Swordmaster Sword No 41567
Lloyd Enemy Swordmaster Sword Yes 38053
Louise Ally Sniper Bow No 35257
Louise Ally Sniper Bow Yes 37910
Lowen Ally Cavalier Lance No 36526
Lowen Ally Cavalier Lance Yes 36697
Lowen Ally Cavalier Sword No 36869
Lowen Ally Cavalier Sword Yes 35504
Lowen Ally Paladin Axe No 35012
Lowen Ally Paladin Axe Yes 35149
Lowen Ally Paladin Lance No 34817
Lowen Ally Paladin Lance Yes 35033
Lowen Ally Paladin Sword No 35469
Lowen Ally Paladin Sword Yes 34684
Lucius Ally Monk Magic No 37545
Lucius Ally Monk Magic Yes 38641
Lundgren Enemy General Axe No 35393
Lundgren Enemy General Axe Yes 34852
Lundgren Enemy General Handaxe No 35215
Lundgren Enemy General Handaxe Yes 35083
Lundgren Enemy General Lance No 35483
Lundgren Enemy General Lance Yes 35246
Lyn Ally Blade Lord Bow No 39030
Lyn Ally Blade Lord Bow Yes 39577
Lyn Ally Blade Lord Sol Katti No 72871
Lyn Ally Blade Lord Sol Katti Yes 45666
Lyn Ally Lord Sword No 43042
Lyn Ally Lord Sword Yes 45143
Marcus Ally Paladin Axe No 36643
Marcus Ally Paladin Axe Yes 36302
Marcus Ally Paladin Lance No 35707
Marcus Ally Paladin Lance Yes 35155
Marcus Ally Paladin Sword No 35405
Marcus Ally Paladin Sword Yes 36153
Matthew Ally Assassin Sword No 35775
Matthew Ally Assassin Sword Yes 36572
Matthew Ally Thief Sword No 38083
Matthew Ally Thief Sword Yes 35877
Maxime Enemy Paladin Axe No 36260
Maxime Enemy Paladin Axe Yes 34892
Maxime Enemy Paladin Lance No 35785
Maxime Enemy Paladin Lance Yes 34614
Maxime Enemy Paladin Sword No 36314
Maxime Enemy Paladin Sword Yes 34802
Migal Enemy Bandit Axe No 35196
Migal Enemy Brigand Axe Yes 36221
Nergal Enemy Dark Druid Magic Yes 33129
Ninian Ally Dancer Ring No 56417
Nino Ally Mage Magic No 32845
Nino Ally Mage Magic Yes 32721
Oleg Enemy Warrior Axe No 28863
Oleg Enemy Warrior Axe Yes 28342
Oleg Enemy Warrior Bow No 27996
Oleg Enemy Warrior Bow Yes 27507
Oswin Ally General Axe No 28155
Oswin Ally General Axe Yes 28674
Oswin Ally General Handaxe No 27845
Oswin Ally General Handaxe Yes 27822
Oswin Ally General Lance No 28257
Oswin Ally General Lance Yes 28895
Oswin Ally Knight Lance No 29241
Oswin Ally Knight Lance Yes 30162
Pascal Enemy Paladin Axe No 28562
Pascal Enemy Paladin Axe Yes 28113
Pascal Enemy Paladin Lance No 28178
Pascal Enemy Paladin Lance Yes 28137
Pascal Enemy Paladin Sword No 27157
Pascal Enemy Paladin Sword Yes 27326
Paul Enemy Warrior Axe No 27434
Paul Enemy Warrior Axe Yes 27003
Paul Enemy Warrior Bow No 27077
Paul Enemy Warrior Bow Yes 27759
Pent Ally Sage Magic No 27738
Pent Ally Sage Magic Yes 30686
Priscilla Ally Troubadour Staff No 30403
Priscilla Ally Valkyrie Magic No 27822
Priscilla Ally Valkyrie Magic Yes 28114
Puzon Enemy Mercenary Sword No 27310
Puzon Enemy Mercenary Sword Yes 27205
Rath Ally Nomad Bow No 29145
Rath Ally Nomad Bow Yes 28995
Rath Ally Nomadic Trooper Bow No 29245
Rath Ally Nomadic Trooper Sword No 30423
Raven Ally Hero Sword No 29970
Raven Ally Hero Sword Yes 31010
Raven Ally Mercenary Sword No 32639
Raven Ally Mercenary Sword Yes 33237
Raven Ally Mercenary Sword (Dodge) No 31100
Rebecca Ally Archer Bow Yes 32117
Rebecca Ally Sniper Bow No 29087
Rebecca Ally Sniper Bow Yes 29518
Renault Ally Bishop Magic No 29455
Renault Ally Bishop Magic Yes 29464
Sain Ally Cavalier Lance No 28591
Sain Ally Cavalier Lance Yes 28189
Sain Ally Cavalier Sword No 28249
Sain Ally Cavalier Sword Yes 28869
Sain Ally Paladin Axe No 28709
Sain Ally Paladin Axe Yes 28436
Sain Ally Paladin Handaxe No 28501
Sain Ally Paladin Lance No 28383
Sain Ally Paladin Lance Yes 28681
Sain Ally Paladin Sword No 28944
Sain Ally Paladin Sword Yes 28393
Sealen Enemy Nomad Bow No 28470
Sealen Enemy Nomad Bow Yes 28749
Serra Ally Bishop Magic No 28579
Serra Ally Bishop Magic Yes 28776
Serra Ally Cleric Staff No 31435
Sonia Enemy Sage Magic No 29331
Sonia Enemy Sage Magic Yes 29000
Teodor Enemy Druid Magic Yes 27803
Uhai Enemy Nomadic Trooper Bow No 26958
Uhai Enemy Nomadic Trooper Sword No 26445
Ursula Enemy Valkyrie Magic No 26647
Ursula Enemy Valkyrie Magic Yes 27314
Vaida Ally Wyvern Lord Lance No 29757
Vaida Ally Wyvern Lord Lance Yes 29083
Wallace Ally General Axe No 27945
Wallace Ally General Axe Yes 28173
Wallace Ally General Handaxe No 28068
Wallace Ally General Handaxe Yes 28067
Wallace Ally General Lance No 28402
Wallace Ally General Lance Yes 28182
Wallace Ally Knight Lance No 29502
Wallace Ally Knight Lance Yes 30637
Wil Ally Archer Bow No 30486
Wil Ally Archer Bow Yes 28594
Wil Ally Sniper Bow No 30150
Wil Ally Sniper Bow Yes 29486
Wire Enemy Knight Lance No 30785
Yogi Enemy Knight Lance No 27145
Zagan Enemy Fighter Axe No 26885
Zagan Enemy Fighter Axe Yes 26694
Zoldam Enemy Shaman Flux No 27900
Zugu Enemy Bandit Axe No 27953
Zugu Enemy Brigand Axe Yes 29489

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