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Sprite of Oleg

Sprite of: Oleg
Sprite has been viewed: 16376 time(s). Sprite ID: 1902

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The Blazing Sword (Results: 315)
Name Alignment Class Weapon Critical? Views
Aion Enemy Sage Magic No 22456
Aion Enemy Sage Magic Yes 21075
Athos Ally Archsage Magic Yes 43740
Bartre Ally Fighter Axe No 20110
Bartre Ally Fighter Axe Yes 19653
Bartre Ally Warrior Axe No 21963
Bartre Ally Warrior Axe Yes 20073
Bartre Ally Warrior Bow No 20692
Bartre Ally Warrior Bow Yes 19703
Batta Enemy Bandit Axe No 21039
Batta Enemy Brigand Axe Yes 20931
Bauker Enemy Knight Lance No 20107
Bernard Enemy General Axe No 19621
Bernard Enemy General Axe Yes 18785
Bernard Enemy General Handaxe No 18601
Bernard Enemy General Handaxe Yes 18663
Bernard Enemy General Lance No 18831
Bernard Enemy General Lance Yes 18693
Beyard Enemy Mercenary Sword No 19501
Beyard Enemy Mercenary Sword Yes 19576
Boies Enemy Knight Lance No 19463
Bool Enemy Knight Lance No 19579
Brendan Enemy Warrior Axe No 19062
Brendan Enemy Warrior Axe Yes 19187
Brendan Enemy Warrior Bow No 19059
Brendan Enemy Warrior Bow Yes 18951
Bug Enemy Bandit Axe No 19607
Bug Enemy Brigand Axe Yes 20461
Cameron Enemy Paladin Axe No 17818
Cameron Enemy Paladin Axe Yes 16653
Cameron Enemy Paladin Lance No 16974
Cameron Enemy Paladin Lance Yes 16143
Cameron Enemy Paladin Swor No 17166
Cameron Enemy Paladin Sword Yes 16414
Canas Ally Druid Magic Yes 20154
Canas Ally Shaman Flux No 21410
Carjiga Enemy Bandit Axe No 17859
Carjiga Enemy Brigand Axe Yes 18105
Damian Enemy Paladin Axe No 17977
Damian Enemy Paladin Axe Yes 17021
Damian Enemy Paladin Lance No 17975
Damian Enemy Paladin Lance Yes 17524
Damian Enemy Paladin Sword No 17868
Damian Enemy Paladin Sword Yes 17182
Darin Enemy General Axe No 17992
Darin Enemy General Axe Yes 17658
Darin Enemy General Handaxe No 17837
Darin Enemy General Handaxe Yes 17624
Darin Enemy General Lance No 17766
Darin Enemy General Lance Yes 17818
Dart Ally Berserker Axe No 19007
Dart Ally Berserker Axe Yes 19952
Dart Ally Berserker Handaxe No 18581
Dart Ally Berserker Handaxe Yes 19058
Dart Ally Pirate Axe No 20507
Denning Enemy Sniper Bow No 20385
Denning Enemy Sniper Bow Yes 18387
Dorcas Ally Fighter Axe No 19770
Dorcas Ally Fighter Axe Yes 17646
Dorcas Ally Warrior Axe No 18145
Dorcas Ally Warrior Axe Yes 17659
Dorcas Ally Warrior Bow No 17757
Dorcas Ally Warrior Bow Yes 17736
Eagler Enemy Paladin Axe No 19657
Eagler Enemy Paladin Axe Yes 21552
Eagler Enemy Paladin Lance No 19462
Eagler Enemy Paladin Lance Yes 21424
Eagler Enemy Paladin Sword No 19714
Eagler Enemy Paladin Sword Yes 21405
Eliwood Ally Knight Lord Durandal No 23578
Eliwood Ally Knight Lord Durandal Yes 25611
Eliwood Ally Knight Lord Lance No 38942
Eliwood Ally Lord Sword No 25396
Eliwood Ally Lord Sword No 24371
Eliwood Ally Lord Sword Yes 30032
Enemy Enemy Berserker Axe No 20844
Enemy Enemy Berserker Handaxe No 20297
Enemy Enemy Brigand Axe No 20629
Enemy Enemy Brigand Axe Yes 21014
Enemy Enemy General Axe No 19814
Enemy Enemy General Handaxe No 19923
Enemy Enemy General Lance No 20378
Enemy Enemy Knight Lance No 20626
Enemy Enemy Lord (Eliwood) Sword No 21598
Enemy Enemy Lord (Eliwood) Sword Yes 21527
Enemy Enemy Lord (Hector) Axe No 20917
Enemy Enemy Lord (Hector) Axe Yes 21465
Enemy Enemy Paladin Axe No 20022
Enemy Enemy Paladin Lance No 20968
Enemy Enemy Paladin Sword No 20392
Enemy Enemy Sniper Bow No 21841
Enemy Enemy Wyvern Lord Lance No 20862
Enemy Enemy Wyvern Lord Lance Yes 20067
Erik Enemy Cavalier Lance No 20475
Erik Enemy Cavalier Lance Yes 19845
Erik Enemy Cavalier Sword No 19986
Erik Enemy Cavalier Sword Yes 20768
Erk Ally Mage Magic No 20886
Erk Ally Mage Magic Yes 21109
Erk Ally Sage Magic No 21223
Erk Ally Sage Magic Yes 21764
Eubans Enemy Paladin Axe No 20407
Eubans Enemy Paladin Axe Yes 19372
Eubans Enemy Paladin Lance No 20299
Eubans Enemy Paladin Lance Yes 19524
Eubans Enemy Paladin Sword No 19941
Eubans Enemy Paladin Sword Yes 19865
Fargus NPC Berserker Axe No 18949
Fargus NPC Berserker Axe Yes 19574
Fargus NPC Berserker Handaxe No 18332
Fargus NPC Berserker Handaxe Yes 18997
Farina Ally Pegasus Knight Lance No 18206
Farina Ally Pegasus Knight Lance Yes 18541
Fiora Ally Pegasus Knight Lance No 18147
Fiora Ally Pegasus Knight Lance Yes 18529
Florina Ally Pegasus Knight Lance No 19071
Florina Ally Pegasus Knight Lance Yes 20694
Geitz Ally Warrior Axe No 20879
Geitz Ally Warrior Axe Yes 21282
Geitz Ally Warrior Bow No 19894
Geitz Ally Warrior Bow Yes 21032
Georg Enemy Berserker Axe No 20343
Georg Enemy Berserker Axe Yes 20371
Georg Enemy Berserker Handaxe No 19803
Georg Enemy Berserker Handaxe Yes 20132
Glass Enemy Mercenary Sword No 19860
Glass Enemy Mercenary Sword Yes 19589
Groznyi Enemy Bandit Axe No 19893
Groznyi Enemy Brigand Axe Yes 20424
Guy Ally Myrmidon Sword Yes 24757
Harken Ally Hero Axe No 17339
Harken Ally Hero Sword No 17805
Harken Ally Hero Sword Yes 46309
Hawkeye Ally Berserker Axe No 20618
Heath Ally Wyvern Lord Lance No 17221
Heath Ally Wyvern Lord Lance Yes 17879
Heath Ally Wyvern Rider Lance No 19039
Hector Ally Great Lord Armads Yes 22479
Hector Ally Great Lord Axe No 18425
Hector Ally Great Lord Axe Yes 19408
Hector Ally Great Lord Sword No 18347
Hector Ally Great Lord Sword Yes 19719
Hector Ally Lord Axe No 20307
Hector Ally Lord Axe Yes 18325
Heintz Enemy Shaman Flux No 17359
Isadora Ally Paladin Sword No 18903
Jaffar Ally Assassin Sword No 34303
Jaffar Ally Assassin Sword Yes 22336
Jasmine Enemy Warrior Axe No 17994
Jasmine Enemy Warrior Axe Yes 16558
Jasmine Enemy Warrior Bow No 16796
Jasmine Enemy Warrior Bow Yes 15778
Jerme Enemy Assassin Sword No 18348
Kaim Enemy Hero Handaxe No 18478
Kaim Enemy Hero Handaxe Yes 17259
Kaim Enemy Hero Sword No 17638
Karel Ally Swordmaster Sword No 19544
Karel Ally Swordmaster Sword Yes 44446
Kenneth Enemy Bishop Magic No 16983
Kenneth Enemy Bishop Magic Yes 17676
Kent Ally Cavalier Lance No 17323
Kent Ally Cavalier Lance Yes 17189
Kent Ally Cavalier Sword No 17182
Kent Ally Cavalier Sword Yes 17434
Kent Ally Paladin Axe No 16891
Kent Ally Paladin Axe Yes 17372
Kent Ally Paladin Lance No 17354
Kent Ally Paladin Lance Yes 17473
Kent Ally Paladin Sword No 17032
Kent Ally Paladin Sword Yes 17292
Legault Ally Assassin Sword No 24244
Legault Ally Thief Magic Sword No 25712
Legault Ally Thief Sword No 24388
Legault Ally Thief Sword Yes 24447
Limstella Enemy Sage Magic No 22085
Limstella Enemy Sage Magic Yes 22587
Linus Enemy Hero Sword No 22754
Linus Enemy Hero Sword Yes 22817
Lloyd Enemy Swordmaster Sword No 27215
Lloyd Enemy Swordmaster Sword Yes 24337
Louise Ally Sniper Bow No 22127
Louise Ally Sniper Bow Yes 24009
Lowen Ally Cavalier Lance No 22632
Lowen Ally Cavalier Lance Yes 22927
Lowen Ally Cavalier Sword No 22699
Lowen Ally Cavalier Sword Yes 21464
Lowen Ally Paladin Axe No 21255
Lowen Ally Paladin Axe Yes 21218
Lowen Ally Paladin Lance No 21142
Lowen Ally Paladin Lance Yes 21208
Lowen Ally Paladin Sword No 21342
Lowen Ally Paladin Sword Yes 20872
Lucius Ally Monk Magic No 23345
Lucius Ally Monk Magic Yes 24251
Lundgren Enemy General Axe No 21809
Lundgren Enemy General Axe Yes 21184
Lundgren Enemy General Handaxe No 21594
Lundgren Enemy General Handaxe Yes 21402
Lundgren Enemy General Lance No 21924
Lundgren Enemy General Lance Yes 21506
Lyn Ally Blade Lord Bow No 25073
Lyn Ally Blade Lord Bow Yes 25499
Lyn Ally Blade Lord Sol Katti No 53107
Lyn Ally Blade Lord Sol Katti Yes 31306
Lyn Ally Lord Sword No 28342
Lyn Ally Lord Sword Yes 30498
Marcus Ally Paladin Axe No 22621
Marcus Ally Paladin Axe Yes 22281
Marcus Ally Paladin Lance No 21946
Marcus Ally Paladin Lance Yes 21124
Marcus Ally Paladin Sword No 21266
Marcus Ally Paladin Sword Yes 21895
Matthew Ally Assassin Sword No 22029
Matthew Ally Assassin Sword Yes 23177
Matthew Ally Thief Sword No 23998
Matthew Ally Thief Sword Yes 22210
Maxime Enemy Paladin Axe No 22425
Maxime Enemy Paladin Axe Yes 21089
Maxime Enemy Paladin Lance No 22023
Maxime Enemy Paladin Lance Yes 20908
Maxime Enemy Paladin Sword No 22381
Maxime Enemy Paladin Sword Yes 21158
Migal Enemy Bandit Axe No 21673
Migal Enemy Brigand Axe Yes 22352
Nergal Enemy Dark Druid Magic Yes 20799
Ninian Ally Dancer Ring No 42388
Nino Ally Mage Magic No 19686
Nino Ally Mage Magic Yes 20128
Oleg Enemy Warrior Axe No 16846
Oleg Enemy Warrior Axe Yes 16375
Oleg Enemy Warrior Bow No 16225
Oleg Enemy Warrior Bow Yes 15662
Oswin Ally General Axe No 16028
Oswin Ally General Axe Yes 16185
Oswin Ally General Handaxe No 15849
Oswin Ally General Handaxe Yes 15712
Oswin Ally General Lance No 16031
Oswin Ally General Lance Yes 16510
Oswin Ally Knight Lance No 16525
Oswin Ally Knight Lance Yes 17474
Pascal Enemy Paladin Axe No 16802
Pascal Enemy Paladin Axe Yes 16025
Pascal Enemy Paladin Lance No 16157
Pascal Enemy Paladin Lance Yes 16001
Pascal Enemy Paladin Sword No 16102
Pascal Enemy Paladin Sword Yes 16021
Paul Enemy Warrior Axe No 16278
Paul Enemy Warrior Axe Yes 16067
Paul Enemy Warrior Bow No 15966
Paul Enemy Warrior Bow Yes 16398
Pent Ally Sage Magic No 16676
Pent Ally Sage Magic Yes 19171
Priscilla Ally Troubadour Staff No 18633
Priscilla Ally Valkyrie Magic No 16711
Priscilla Ally Valkyrie Magic Yes 17062
Puzon Enemy Mercenary Sword No 16364
Puzon Enemy Mercenary Sword Yes 16430
Rath Ally Nomad Bow No 17521
Rath Ally Nomad Bow Yes 17607
Rath Ally Nomadic Trooper Bow No 17798
Rath Ally Nomadic Trooper Sword No 18621
Raven Ally Hero Sword No 18776
Raven Ally Hero Sword Yes 19577
Raven Ally Mercenary Sword No 20589
Raven Ally Mercenary Sword Yes 21091
Raven Ally Mercenary Sword (Dodge) No 19365
Rebecca Ally Archer Bow Yes 20063
Rebecca Ally Sniper Bow No 17860
Rebecca Ally Sniper Bow Yes 18530
Renault Ally Bishop Magic No 17472
Renault Ally Bishop Magic Yes 17870
Sain Ally Cavalier Lance No 17239
Sain Ally Cavalier Lance Yes 16851
Sain Ally Cavalier Sword No 16927
Sain Ally Cavalier Sword Yes 17158
Sain Ally Paladin Axe No 16729
Sain Ally Paladin Axe Yes 16595
Sain Ally Paladin Handaxe No 16858
Sain Ally Paladin Lance No 16809
Sain Ally Paladin Lance Yes 17038
Sain Ally Paladin Sword No 17167
Sain Ally Paladin Sword Yes 16691
Sealen Enemy Nomad Bow No 17042
Sealen Enemy Nomad Bow Yes 16971
Serra Ally Bishop Magic No 17148
Serra Ally Bishop Magic Yes 17186
Serra Ally Cleric Staff No 19295
Sonia Enemy Sage Magic No 17612
Sonia Enemy Sage Magic Yes 17457
Teodor Enemy Druid Magic Yes 17034
Uhai Enemy Nomadic Trooper Bow No 15869
Uhai Enemy Nomadic Trooper Sword No 15561
Ursula Enemy Valkyrie Magic No 15924
Ursula Enemy Valkyrie Magic Yes 16302
Vaida Ally Wyvern Lord Lance No 17938
Vaida Ally Wyvern Lord Lance Yes 17960
Wallace Ally General Axe No 16690
Wallace Ally General Axe Yes 16830
Wallace Ally General Handaxe No 16420
Wallace Ally General Handaxe Yes 16940
Wallace Ally General Lance No 17022
Wallace Ally General Lance Yes 17160
Wallace Ally Knight Lance No 18065
Wallace Ally Knight Lance Yes 18956
Wil Ally Archer Bow No 18822
Wil Ally Archer Bow Yes 17398
Wil Ally Sniper Bow No 18547
Wil Ally Sniper Bow Yes 17911
Wire Enemy Knight Lance No 19358
Yogi Enemy Knight Lance No 16720
Zagan Enemy Fighter Axe No 15971
Zagan Enemy Fighter Axe Yes 15673
Zoldam Enemy Shaman Flux No 16805
Zugu Enemy Bandit Axe No 17129
Zugu Enemy Brigand Axe Yes 17927

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