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Sprite of Oleg

Sprite of: Oleg
Sprite has been viewed: 20115 time(s). Sprite ID: 1902

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The Blazing Sword (Results: 315)
Name Alignment Class Weapon Critical? Views
Aion Enemy Sage Magic No 26505
Aion Enemy Sage Magic Yes 25014
Athos Ally Archsage Magic Yes 48972
Bartre Ally Fighter Axe No 23930
Bartre Ally Fighter Axe Yes 23624
Bartre Ally Warrior Axe No 26013
Bartre Ally Warrior Axe Yes 23959
Bartre Ally Warrior Bow No 24733
Bartre Ally Warrior Bow Yes 23461
Batta Enemy Bandit Axe No 25182
Batta Enemy Brigand Axe Yes 25008
Bauker Enemy Knight Lance No 24003
Bernard Enemy General Axe No 23575
Bernard Enemy General Axe Yes 22682
Bernard Enemy General Handaxe No 22629
Bernard Enemy General Handaxe Yes 22496
Bernard Enemy General Lance No 22493
Bernard Enemy General Lance Yes 22699
Beyard Enemy Mercenary Sword No 23307
Beyard Enemy Mercenary Sword Yes 23564
Boies Enemy Knight Lance No 23372
Bool Enemy Knight Lance No 23694
Brendan Enemy Warrior Axe No 22896
Brendan Enemy Warrior Axe Yes 22934
Brendan Enemy Warrior Bow No 22955
Brendan Enemy Warrior Bow Yes 22891
Bug Enemy Bandit Axe No 23560
Bug Enemy Brigand Axe Yes 24522
Cameron Enemy Paladin Axe No 21429
Cameron Enemy Paladin Axe Yes 20230
Cameron Enemy Paladin Lance No 20765
Cameron Enemy Paladin Lance Yes 19655
Cameron Enemy Paladin Swor No 20885
Cameron Enemy Paladin Sword Yes 20178
Canas Ally Druid Magic Yes 23869
Canas Ally Shaman Flux No 25251
Carjiga Enemy Bandit Axe No 21407
Carjiga Enemy Brigand Axe Yes 21794
Damian Enemy Paladin Axe No 21885
Damian Enemy Paladin Axe Yes 20831
Damian Enemy Paladin Lance No 21890
Damian Enemy Paladin Lance Yes 21493
Damian Enemy Paladin Sword No 21929
Damian Enemy Paladin Sword Yes 21035
Darin Enemy General Axe No 21673
Darin Enemy General Axe Yes 21498
Darin Enemy General Handaxe No 21785
Darin Enemy General Handaxe Yes 21366
Darin Enemy General Lance No 21648
Darin Enemy General Lance Yes 21675
Dart Ally Berserker Axe No 23166
Dart Ally Berserker Axe Yes 24149
Dart Ally Berserker Handaxe No 22752
Dart Ally Berserker Handaxe Yes 23187
Dart Ally Pirate Axe No 24629
Denning Enemy Sniper Bow No 24360
Denning Enemy Sniper Bow Yes 22248
Dorcas Ally Fighter Axe No 23792
Dorcas Ally Fighter Axe Yes 21516
Dorcas Ally Warrior Axe No 21991
Dorcas Ally Warrior Axe Yes 21529
Dorcas Ally Warrior Bow No 21595
Dorcas Ally Warrior Bow Yes 21924
Eagler Enemy Paladin Axe No 24038
Eagler Enemy Paladin Axe Yes 25818
Eagler Enemy Paladin Lance No 23619
Eagler Enemy Paladin Lance Yes 25680
Eagler Enemy Paladin Sword No 24059
Eagler Enemy Paladin Sword Yes 25614
Eliwood Ally Knight Lord Durandal No 27697
Eliwood Ally Knight Lord Durandal Yes 29705
Eliwood Ally Knight Lord Lance No 44160
Eliwood Ally Lord Sword No 29617
Eliwood Ally Lord Sword No 28883
Eliwood Ally Lord Sword Yes 34713
Enemy Enemy Berserker Axe No 25157
Enemy Enemy Berserker Handaxe No 24574
Enemy Enemy Brigand Axe No 24767
Enemy Enemy Brigand Axe Yes 25408
Enemy Enemy General Axe No 23916
Enemy Enemy General Handaxe No 23998
Enemy Enemy General Lance No 24563
Enemy Enemy Knight Lance No 24807
Enemy Enemy Lord (Eliwood) Sword No 25695
Enemy Enemy Lord (Eliwood) Sword Yes 25813
Enemy Enemy Lord (Hector) Axe No 24983
Enemy Enemy Lord (Hector) Axe Yes 25550
Enemy Enemy Paladin Axe No 24248
Enemy Enemy Paladin Lance No 25295
Enemy Enemy Paladin Sword No 24896
Enemy Enemy Sniper Bow No 26153
Enemy Enemy Wyvern Lord Lance No 24796
Enemy Enemy Wyvern Lord Lance Yes 24144
Erik Enemy Cavalier Lance No 24662
Erik Enemy Cavalier Lance Yes 23804
Erik Enemy Cavalier Sword No 24278
Erik Enemy Cavalier Sword Yes 24852
Erk Ally Mage Magic No 24978
Erk Ally Mage Magic Yes 25246
Erk Ally Sage Magic No 25450
Erk Ally Sage Magic Yes 26106
Eubans Enemy Paladin Axe No 24639
Eubans Enemy Paladin Axe Yes 23390
Eubans Enemy Paladin Lance No 24382
Eubans Enemy Paladin Lance Yes 23684
Eubans Enemy Paladin Sword No 24120
Eubans Enemy Paladin Sword Yes 24125
Fargus NPC Berserker Axe No 23032
Fargus NPC Berserker Axe Yes 23679
Fargus NPC Berserker Handaxe No 22271
Fargus NPC Berserker Handaxe Yes 23355
Farina Ally Pegasus Knight Lance No 22343
Farina Ally Pegasus Knight Lance Yes 22593
Fiora Ally Pegasus Knight Lance No 22172
Fiora Ally Pegasus Knight Lance Yes 22570
Florina Ally Pegasus Knight Lance No 23115
Florina Ally Pegasus Knight Lance Yes 24739
Geitz Ally Warrior Axe No 25134
Geitz Ally Warrior Axe Yes 25471
Geitz Ally Warrior Bow No 24026
Geitz Ally Warrior Bow Yes 25031
Georg Enemy Berserker Axe No 24236
Georg Enemy Berserker Axe Yes 24530
Georg Enemy Berserker Handaxe No 23859
Georg Enemy Berserker Handaxe Yes 24165
Glass Enemy Mercenary Sword No 23947
Glass Enemy Mercenary Sword Yes 23489
Groznyi Enemy Bandit Axe No 24133
Groznyi Enemy Brigand Axe Yes 24572
Guy Ally Myrmidon Sword Yes 28989
Harken Ally Hero Axe No 20999
Harken Ally Hero Sword No 21608
Harken Ally Hero Sword Yes 51028
Hawkeye Ally Berserker Axe No 24512
Heath Ally Wyvern Lord Lance No 20840
Heath Ally Wyvern Lord Lance Yes 21563
Heath Ally Wyvern Rider Lance No 23230
Hector Ally Great Lord Armads Yes 26291
Hector Ally Great Lord Axe No 22298
Hector Ally Great Lord Axe Yes 23267
Hector Ally Great Lord Sword No 22213
Hector Ally Great Lord Sword Yes 23562
Hector Ally Lord Axe No 24412
Hector Ally Lord Axe Yes 22046
Heintz Enemy Shaman Flux No 21030
Isadora Ally Paladin Sword No 23092
Jaffar Ally Assassin Sword No 38329
Jaffar Ally Assassin Sword Yes 26249
Jasmine Enemy Warrior Axe No 21892
Jasmine Enemy Warrior Axe Yes 20318
Jasmine Enemy Warrior Bow No 20328
Jasmine Enemy Warrior Bow Yes 19257
Jerme Enemy Assassin Sword No 22141
Kaim Enemy Hero Handaxe No 22358
Kaim Enemy Hero Handaxe Yes 21015
Kaim Enemy Hero Sword No 21401
Karel Ally Swordmaster Sword No 23557
Karel Ally Swordmaster Sword Yes 49245
Kenneth Enemy Bishop Magic No 20824
Kenneth Enemy Bishop Magic Yes 21314
Kent Ally Cavalier Lance No 21325
Kent Ally Cavalier Lance Yes 20980
Kent Ally Cavalier Sword No 21085
Kent Ally Cavalier Sword Yes 21127
Kent Ally Paladin Axe No 20816
Kent Ally Paladin Axe Yes 21043
Kent Ally Paladin Lance No 21209
Kent Ally Paladin Lance Yes 21116
Kent Ally Paladin Sword No 20675
Kent Ally Paladin Sword Yes 20922
Legault Ally Assassin Sword No 28401
Legault Ally Thief Magic Sword No 30278
Legault Ally Thief Sword No 28821
Legault Ally Thief Sword Yes 28823
Limstella Enemy Sage Magic No 26290
Limstella Enemy Sage Magic Yes 26445
Linus Enemy Hero Sword No 26882
Linus Enemy Hero Sword Yes 26712
Lloyd Enemy Swordmaster Sword No 31614
Lloyd Enemy Swordmaster Sword Yes 28551
Louise Ally Sniper Bow No 26163
Louise Ally Sniper Bow Yes 28178
Lowen Ally Cavalier Lance No 26829
Lowen Ally Cavalier Lance Yes 27059
Lowen Ally Cavalier Sword No 27107
Lowen Ally Cavalier Sword Yes 25758
Lowen Ally Paladin Axe No 25411
Lowen Ally Paladin Axe Yes 25425
Lowen Ally Paladin Lance No 25206
Lowen Ally Paladin Lance Yes 25339
Lowen Ally Paladin Sword No 25867
Lowen Ally Paladin Sword Yes 25020
Lucius Ally Monk Magic No 27793
Lucius Ally Monk Magic Yes 28692
Lundgren Enemy General Axe No 25959
Lundgren Enemy General Axe Yes 25264
Lundgren Enemy General Handaxe No 25779
Lundgren Enemy General Handaxe Yes 25468
Lundgren Enemy General Lance No 26071
Lundgren Enemy General Lance Yes 25582
Lyn Ally Blade Lord Bow No 29384
Lyn Ally Blade Lord Bow Yes 29716
Lyn Ally Blade Lord Sol Katti No 59683
Lyn Ally Blade Lord Sol Katti Yes 35655
Lyn Ally Lord Sword No 32941
Lyn Ally Lord Sword Yes 34934
Marcus Ally Paladin Axe No 26891
Marcus Ally Paladin Axe Yes 26575
Marcus Ally Paladin Lance No 26137
Marcus Ally Paladin Lance Yes 25341
Marcus Ally Paladin Sword No 25720
Marcus Ally Paladin Sword Yes 26290
Matthew Ally Assassin Sword No 26203
Matthew Ally Assassin Sword Yes 27199
Matthew Ally Thief Sword No 28342
Matthew Ally Thief Sword Yes 26405
Maxime Enemy Paladin Axe No 26689
Maxime Enemy Paladin Axe Yes 25174
Maxime Enemy Paladin Lance No 26231
Maxime Enemy Paladin Lance Yes 24926
Maxime Enemy Paladin Sword No 26677
Maxime Enemy Paladin Sword Yes 25260
Migal Enemy Bandit Axe No 25950
Migal Enemy Brigand Axe Yes 26562
Nergal Enemy Dark Druid Magic Yes 24550
Ninian Ally Dancer Ring No 46988
Nino Ally Mage Magic No 23754
Nino Ally Mage Magic Yes 23937
Oleg Enemy Warrior Axe No 20568
Oleg Enemy Warrior Axe Yes 20114
Oleg Enemy Warrior Bow No 19713
Oleg Enemy Warrior Bow Yes 19207
Oswin Ally General Axe No 19544
Oswin Ally General Axe Yes 19942
Oswin Ally General Handaxe No 19541
Oswin Ally General Handaxe Yes 19288
Oswin Ally General Lance No 19784
Oswin Ally General Lance Yes 20118
Oswin Ally Knight Lance No 20443
Oswin Ally Knight Lance Yes 21376
Pascal Enemy Paladin Axe No 20482
Pascal Enemy Paladin Axe Yes 19718
Pascal Enemy Paladin Lance No 19871
Pascal Enemy Paladin Lance Yes 19573
Pascal Enemy Paladin Sword No 19899
Pascal Enemy Paladin Sword Yes 19854
Paul Enemy Warrior Axe No 20014
Paul Enemy Warrior Axe Yes 19644
Paul Enemy Warrior Bow No 19696
Paul Enemy Warrior Bow Yes 20270
Pent Ally Sage Magic No 20287
Pent Ally Sage Magic Yes 23066
Priscilla Ally Troubadour Staff No 22488
Priscilla Ally Valkyrie Magic No 20330
Priscilla Ally Valkyrie Magic Yes 20571
Puzon Enemy Mercenary Sword No 20093
Puzon Enemy Mercenary Sword Yes 20074
Rath Ally Nomad Bow No 21535
Rath Ally Nomad Bow Yes 21535
Rath Ally Nomadic Trooper Bow No 21764
Rath Ally Nomadic Trooper Sword No 22727
Raven Ally Hero Sword No 22734
Raven Ally Hero Sword Yes 23535
Raven Ally Mercenary Sword No 24742
Raven Ally Mercenary Sword Yes 25278
Raven Ally Mercenary Sword (Dodge) No 23448
Rebecca Ally Archer Bow Yes 24290
Rebecca Ally Sniper Bow No 21720
Rebecca Ally Sniper Bow Yes 22286
Renault Ally Bishop Magic No 21547
Renault Ally Bishop Magic Yes 21845
Sain Ally Cavalier Lance No 21236
Sain Ally Cavalier Lance Yes 20710
Sain Ally Cavalier Sword No 20905
Sain Ally Cavalier Sword Yes 21197
Sain Ally Paladin Axe No 20663
Sain Ally Paladin Axe Yes 20582
Sain Ally Paladin Handaxe No 20779
Sain Ally Paladin Lance No 20600
Sain Ally Paladin Lance Yes 20883
Sain Ally Paladin Sword No 21203
Sain Ally Paladin Sword Yes 20691
Sealen Enemy Nomad Bow No 20830
Sealen Enemy Nomad Bow Yes 20929
Serra Ally Bishop Magic No 21101
Serra Ally Bishop Magic Yes 21125
Serra Ally Cleric Staff No 23220
Sonia Enemy Sage Magic No 21641
Sonia Enemy Sage Magic Yes 21403
Teodor Enemy Druid Magic Yes 20701
Uhai Enemy Nomadic Trooper Bow No 19460
Uhai Enemy Nomadic Trooper Sword No 19077
Ursula Enemy Valkyrie Magic No 19272
Ursula Enemy Valkyrie Magic Yes 19884
Vaida Ally Wyvern Lord Lance No 21892
Vaida Ally Wyvern Lord Lance Yes 21570
Wallace Ally General Axe No 20575
Wallace Ally General Axe Yes 20658
Wallace Ally General Handaxe No 20436
Wallace Ally General Handaxe Yes 20752
Wallace Ally General Lance No 20800
Wallace Ally General Lance Yes 20865
Wallace Ally Knight Lance No 21887
Wallace Ally Knight Lance Yes 22929
Wil Ally Archer Bow No 22742
Wil Ally Archer Bow Yes 21270
Wil Ally Sniper Bow No 22463
Wil Ally Sniper Bow Yes 22049
Wire Enemy Knight Lance No 23318
Yogi Enemy Knight Lance No 20219
Zagan Enemy Fighter Axe No 19489
Zagan Enemy Fighter Axe Yes 19161
Zoldam Enemy Shaman Flux No 20495
Zugu Enemy Bandit Axe No 20682
Zugu Enemy Brigand Axe Yes 21756

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