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Sprite of Tana

Sprite of: Tana
Sprite has been viewed: 104595 time(s). Sprite ID: 3170

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The Sacred Stones (Results: 168)
Name Alignment Class Weapon Views
Aias Enemy Great Knight Axe 62946
Aias Enemy Great Knight Lance 57719
Aias Enemy Great Knight Sword 54820
Amelia Ally Cavalier Lance 59727
Amelia Ally Cavalier Sword 57036
Amelia Ally General Axe 53675
Amelia Ally General Lance 55177
Amelia Ally General Sword 62352
Amelia Ally Great Knight Axe 50319
Amelia Ally Great Knight Lance 49750
Amelia Ally Great Knight Sword 50348
Amelia Ally Knight Lance 53357
Amelia Ally Paladin Lance 52982
Amelia Ally Paladin Sword 50761
Amelia Ally Recruit Lance 61436
Artur Ally Bishop Magic 57164
Artur Ally Monk Magic 57616
Artur Ally Sage Magic 59576
Bazba Enemy Brigand Axe 54615
Beran Enemy Ranger Bow 57727
Binks Enemy Warrior Axe 52686
Binks Enemy Warrior Bow 50235
Bone Enemy Brigand Axe 52789
Breguet Enemy Knight Lance 51465
Caellach Enemy Hero Axe 54363
Caellach Enemy Hero Sword 54497
Carlyle Enemy Swordmaster Sword 56457
Colm Ally Assassin Sword 65057
Colm Ally Rogue Sword 64942
Colm Ally Thief Sword 58956
Cormag Ally Wyvern Knight Lance 55401
Cormag Ally Wyvern Lord Lance 52547
Cormag Ally Wyvern Lord Sword 56498
Cormag Ally Wyvern Rider Lance 54570
Dozla Ally Berserker Axe 91806
Eirika Ally Lord Sword 67657
Eirika Ally Master Lord Sword 67659
Enemy Enemy Demon King Special 64988
Enemy Enemy Dragon Zombie Special 63019
Ephraim Ally Lord Lance 109048
Ephraim Ally Master Lord Lance 62207
Ewan Ally Druid Magic 55003
Ewan Ally Mage Magic 60645
Ewan Ally Mage Knight Magic 57322
Ewan Ally Pupil Magic 55237
Ewan Ally Sage Magic 58162
Ewan Ally Shaman Magic 55666
Ewan Ally Summoner Magic 61748
Fado NPC General Lance 60240
Forde Ally Cavalier Lance 50370
Forde Ally Cavalier Sword 51473
Forde Ally Great Knight Axe 48556
Forde Ally Great Knight Lance 47305
Forde Ally Great Knight Sword 47572
Forde Ally Paladin Lance 50496
Forde Ally Paladin Sword 51650
Franz Ally Cavalier Lance 49632
Franz Ally Cavalier Sword 50951
Franz Ally Great Knight Axe 50017
Franz Ally Great Knight Lance 49905
Franz Ally Great Knight Sword 49324
Franz Ally Paladin Lance 47732
Franz Ally Paladin Sword 46647
Garcia Ally Fighter Axe 58186
Garcia Ally Hero Axe 50494
Garcia Ally Hero Sword 50342
Garcia Ally Warrior Axe 51404
Garcia Ally Warrior Bow 52190
Gerik Ally Hero Axe 51279
Gerik Ally Hero Sword 71342
Gerik Ally Mercenary Sword 59179
Gerik Ally Ranger Bow 53926
Gheb Enemy Warrior Axe 59581
Gheb Enemy Warrior Bow 59243
Gilliam Ally General Axe 52428
Gilliam Ally General Lance 50710
Gilliam Ally General Sword 52301
Gilliam Ally Great Knight Axe 52325
Gilliam Ally Great Knight Lance 50184
Gilliam Ally Great Knight Sword 52320
Gilliam Ally Knight Lance 85844
Glen NPC Wyvern Lord Lance 55770
Hayden NPC Ranger Bow 59983
Innes Ally Sniper Bow 51827
Ismaire Ally Swordmaster Sword 56611
Joshua Ally Assassin Sword 56465
Joshua Ally Myrmidon Sword 56322
Joshua Ally Swordmaster Sword 57154
Knoll Ally Druid Magic 59007
Knoll Ally Shaman Magic 51335
Kyle Ally Cavalier Lance 47845
Kyle Ally Cavalier Sword 48369
Kyle Ally Great Knight Axe 47288
Kyle Ally Great Knight Lance 47605
Kyle Ally Great Knight Sword 47705
Kyle Ally Paladin Lance 45699
Kyle Ally Paladin Sword 47382
L'Arachel Ally Valkyrie Staff 93908
Leon Ally Necromancer Magic 107097
Leon Enemy Necromancer Magic 57556
Lute Ally Mage Magic 60026
Lute Ally Mage Knight Magic 57886
Lute Ally Sage Magic 63870
L`Arachel Ally Mage Knight Magic 56849
L`Arachel Ally Troubadour Staff 52172
Marisa Ally Assassin Sword 68970
Marisa Ally Myrmidon Sword 65607
Marisa Ally Swordmaster Sword 64132
Monster Enemy Bael Fangs 62779
Monster Enemy Centaur Axe 54835
Monster Enemy Cerberus Claws 60448
Monster Enemy Cyclops Axe 60662
Monster Enemy Entombed Claw 57548
Monster Enemy Gargoyle Lance 61191
Monster Enemy Gorgon Magic 96459
Monster Enemy Hellbone Sword 55702
Monster Enemy Maelduin Bow 53466
Monster Enemy Mogall Eye 54741
Monster Enemy Revenant Claw 57380
Monster Enemy Skeleton Bow 52625
Monster Enemy Skeleton Lance 52153
Monster Enemy Skeleton Sword 63731
Monster Enemy Wolve Claws 60882
Morva Enemy Mamkute Breath 110585
Moulder Ally Bishop Magic 52428
Moulder Ally Priest Staff 57789
Moulder Ally Sage Magic 52083
Murray Enemy Cavalier Lance 49640
Murray Enemy Cavalier Sword 49885
Myrrh Ally Mamkute Breath 69676
Natasha Ally Bishop Magic 54969
Natasha Ally Cleric Staff 50123
Natasha Ally Valkyrie Magic 48708
Neimi Ally Archer Bow 54083
Neimi Ally Forest Knight Bow 53033
Neimi Ally Forest Knight Sword 51356
Neimi Ally Sniper Bow 86433
Novala Enemy Shaman Magic 52270
O'Neil Enemy Fighter Axe 52858
Olson Ally Paladin Sword 49640
Orson Ally Paladin Lance 49556
Pablo Enemy Sage Magic 47881
Rennac Ally Rogue Sword 62928
Riev Enemy Bishop Magic 52500
Ross Ally Berserker Axe 83283
Ross Ally Fighter Axe 49930
Ross Ally Hero Axe 48869
Ross Ally Hero Sword 49407
Ross Ally Journeyman Axe 55099
Ross Ally Pirate Axe 53036
Ross Ally Warrior Axe 50278
Ross Ally Warrior Bow 51068
Saar Enemy Knight Lance 49759
Saleh Ally Sage Magic 55111
Selena Ally Mage Knight Magic 56559
Seth Ally Paladin Lance 51203
Seth Ally Paladin Sword 56653
Tana Ally Falcon Knight Lance 51375
Tana Ally Falcon Knight Sword 49263
Tana Ally Pegasus Knight Lance 104594
Tana Ally Wyvern Knight Lance 77549
Tethys Ally Dancer (none) 84885
Tirado Enemy General Axe 50603
Tirado Enemy General Lance 47973
Vanessa Ally Pegasus Knight Lance 52708
Vanessa Ally Wyvern Knight Lance 47989
Vigard Ally General Lance 51454
Zonta Enemy Mercenary Sword 56070

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