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Sprite of Tana

Sprite of: Tana
Sprite has been viewed: 113593 time(s). Sprite ID: 3170

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The Sacred Stones (Results: 168)
Name Alignment Class Weapon Views
Aias Enemy Great Knight Axe 70045
Aias Enemy Great Knight Lance 64936
Aias Enemy Great Knight Sword 61643
Amelia Ally Cavalier Lance 67404
Amelia Ally Cavalier Sword 64890
Amelia Ally General Axe 60544
Amelia Ally General Lance 61949
Amelia Ally General Sword 70041
Amelia Ally Great Knight Axe 57074
Amelia Ally Great Knight Lance 56255
Amelia Ally Great Knight Sword 57428
Amelia Ally Knight Lance 60630
Amelia Ally Paladin Lance 60367
Amelia Ally Paladin Sword 57401
Amelia Ally Recruit Lance 69274
Artur Ally Bishop Magic 64033
Artur Ally Monk Magic 64667
Artur Ally Sage Magic 66999
Bazba Enemy Brigand Axe 61517
Beran Enemy Ranger Bow 65086
Binks Enemy Warrior Axe 59695
Binks Enemy Warrior Bow 56751
Bone Enemy Brigand Axe 59622
Breguet Enemy Knight Lance 57979
Caellach Enemy Hero Axe 62072
Caellach Enemy Hero Sword 61399
Carlyle Enemy Swordmaster Sword 63225
Colm Ally Assassin Sword 72833
Colm Ally Rogue Sword 72619
Colm Ally Thief Sword 66042
Cormag Ally Wyvern Knight Lance 62268
Cormag Ally Wyvern Lord Lance 59193
Cormag Ally Wyvern Lord Sword 63942
Cormag Ally Wyvern Rider Lance 61606
Dozla Ally Berserker Axe 100620
Eirika Ally Lord Sword 77160
Eirika Ally Master Lord Sword 76129
Enemy Enemy Demon King Special 72419
Enemy Enemy Dragon Zombie Special 70610
Ephraim Ally Lord Lance 118926
Ephraim Ally Master Lord Lance 70297
Ewan Ally Druid Magic 62439
Ewan Ally Mage Magic 69178
Ewan Ally Mage Knight Magic 64714
Ewan Ally Pupil Magic 62299
Ewan Ally Sage Magic 65283
Ewan Ally Shaman Magic 62976
Ewan Ally Summoner Magic 69784
Fado NPC General Lance 67337
Forde Ally Cavalier Lance 56985
Forde Ally Cavalier Sword 58060
Forde Ally Great Knight Axe 54626
Forde Ally Great Knight Lance 53330
Forde Ally Great Knight Sword 53735
Forde Ally Paladin Lance 56851
Forde Ally Paladin Sword 57888
Franz Ally Cavalier Lance 55855
Franz Ally Cavalier Sword 57501
Franz Ally Great Knight Axe 57296
Franz Ally Great Knight Lance 57087
Franz Ally Great Knight Sword 55599
Franz Ally Paladin Lance 53708
Franz Ally Paladin Sword 52600
Garcia Ally Fighter Axe 65006
Garcia Ally Hero Axe 56679
Garcia Ally Hero Sword 56320
Garcia Ally Warrior Axe 57916
Garcia Ally Warrior Bow 58942
Gerik Ally Hero Axe 57404
Gerik Ally Hero Sword 79601
Gerik Ally Mercenary Sword 66179
Gerik Ally Ranger Bow 60202
Gheb Enemy Warrior Axe 66677
Gheb Enemy Warrior Bow 66022
Gilliam Ally General Axe 58641
Gilliam Ally General Lance 57244
Gilliam Ally General Sword 58740
Gilliam Ally Great Knight Axe 59141
Gilliam Ally Great Knight Lance 56497
Gilliam Ally Great Knight Sword 59108
Gilliam Ally Knight Lance 94541
Glen NPC Wyvern Lord Lance 62183
Hayden NPC Ranger Bow 66651
Innes Ally Sniper Bow 57892
Ismaire Ally Swordmaster Sword 62555
Joshua Ally Assassin Sword 62623
Joshua Ally Myrmidon Sword 63427
Joshua Ally Swordmaster Sword 63547
Knoll Ally Druid Magic 65816
Knoll Ally Shaman Magic 57432
Kyle Ally Cavalier Lance 53652
Kyle Ally Cavalier Sword 54490
Kyle Ally Great Knight Axe 53280
Kyle Ally Great Knight Lance 53401
Kyle Ally Great Knight Sword 54098
Kyle Ally Paladin Lance 51529
Kyle Ally Paladin Sword 53458
L'Arachel Ally Valkyrie Staff 102158
Leon Ally Necromancer Magic 115909
Leon Enemy Necromancer Magic 64197
Lute Ally Mage Magic 67616
Lute Ally Mage Knight Magic 64892
Lute Ally Sage Magic 71101
L`Arachel Ally Mage Knight Magic 63819
L`Arachel Ally Troubadour Staff 58631
Marisa Ally Assassin Sword 76766
Marisa Ally Myrmidon Sword 73263
Marisa Ally Swordmaster Sword 71763
Monster Enemy Bael Fangs 71201
Monster Enemy Centaur Axe 61443
Monster Enemy Cerberus Claws 69641
Monster Enemy Cyclops Axe 68474
Monster Enemy Entombed Claw 64274
Monster Enemy Gargoyle Lance 69137
Monster Enemy Gorgon Magic 105886
Monster Enemy Hellbone Sword 62760
Monster Enemy Maelduin Bow 60663
Monster Enemy Mogall Eye 61033
Monster Enemy Revenant Claw 64202
Monster Enemy Skeleton Bow 59196
Monster Enemy Skeleton Lance 58411
Monster Enemy Skeleton Sword 72087
Monster Enemy Wolve Claws 68871
Morva Enemy Mamkute Breath 119243
Moulder Ally Bishop Magic 59314
Moulder Ally Priest Staff 64506
Moulder Ally Sage Magic 58255
Murray Enemy Cavalier Lance 55693
Murray Enemy Cavalier Sword 56049
Myrrh Ally Mamkute Breath 76624
Natasha Ally Bishop Magic 61485
Natasha Ally Cleric Staff 56001
Natasha Ally Valkyrie Magic 54587
Neimi Ally Archer Bow 60576
Neimi Ally Forest Knight Bow 59496
Neimi Ally Forest Knight Sword 57392
Neimi Ally Sniper Bow 94236
Novala Enemy Shaman Magic 58191
O'Neil Enemy Fighter Axe 59236
Olson Ally Paladin Sword 55533
Orson Ally Paladin Lance 55213
Pablo Enemy Sage Magic 53476
Rennac Ally Rogue Sword 70309
Riev Enemy Bishop Magic 58641
Ross Ally Berserker Axe 91171
Ross Ally Fighter Axe 56076
Ross Ally Hero Axe 55320
Ross Ally Hero Sword 55349
Ross Ally Journeyman Axe 61911
Ross Ally Pirate Axe 60008
Ross Ally Warrior Axe 56439
Ross Ally Warrior Bow 57847
Saar Enemy Knight Lance 56045
Saleh Ally Sage Magic 61731
Selena Ally Mage Knight Magic 63426
Seth Ally Paladin Lance 58866
Seth Ally Paladin Sword 64170
Tana Ally Falcon Knight Lance 57662
Tana Ally Falcon Knight Sword 55383
Tana Ally Pegasus Knight Lance 113592
Tana Ally Wyvern Knight Lance 84863
Tethys Ally Dancer (none) 92338
Tirado Enemy General Axe 57683
Tirado Enemy General Lance 53846
Vanessa Ally Pegasus Knight Lance 58916
Vanessa Ally Wyvern Knight Lance 54016
Vigard Ally General Lance 57518
Zonta Enemy Mercenary Sword 62435

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