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Sprite of Tana

Sprite of: Tana
Sprite has been viewed: 120630 time(s). Sprite ID: 3170

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The Sacred Stones (Results: 168)
Name Alignment Class Weapon Views
Aias Enemy Great Knight Axe 76762
Aias Enemy Great Knight Lance 71484
Aias Enemy Great Knight Sword 67794
Amelia Ally Cavalier Lance 75044
Amelia Ally Cavalier Sword 71521
Amelia Ally General Axe 66841
Amelia Ally General Lance 67657
Amelia Ally General Sword 77015
Amelia Ally Great Knight Axe 62894
Amelia Ally Great Knight Lance 62110
Amelia Ally Great Knight Sword 63580
Amelia Ally Knight Lance 66938
Amelia Ally Paladin Lance 66626
Amelia Ally Paladin Sword 63316
Amelia Ally Recruit Lance 76207
Artur Ally Bishop Magic 70144
Artur Ally Monk Magic 70932
Artur Ally Sage Magic 73844
Bazba Enemy Brigand Axe 67631
Beran Enemy Ranger Bow 71404
Binks Enemy Warrior Axe 65689
Binks Enemy Warrior Bow 62525
Bone Enemy Brigand Axe 65445
Breguet Enemy Knight Lance 63900
Caellach Enemy Hero Axe 68502
Caellach Enemy Hero Sword 67475
Carlyle Enemy Swordmaster Sword 69235
Colm Ally Assassin Sword 79536
Colm Ally Rogue Sword 79576
Colm Ally Thief Sword 72371
Cormag Ally Wyvern Knight Lance 68427
Cormag Ally Wyvern Lord Lance 64951
Cormag Ally Wyvern Lord Sword 70482
Cormag Ally Wyvern Rider Lance 68013
Dozla Ally Berserker Axe 108189
Eirika Ally Lord Sword 84926
Eirika Ally Master Lord Sword 83732
Enemy Enemy Demon King Special 78963
Enemy Enemy Dragon Zombie Special 77234
Ephraim Ally Lord Lance 128688
Ephraim Ally Master Lord Lance 77230
Ewan Ally Druid Magic 69365
Ewan Ally Mage Magic 76491
Ewan Ally Mage Knight Magic 71446
Ewan Ally Pupil Magic 68838
Ewan Ally Sage Magic 71608
Ewan Ally Shaman Magic 69319
Ewan Ally Summoner Magic 76530
Fado NPC General Lance 73390
Forde Ally Cavalier Lance 62594
Forde Ally Cavalier Sword 63672
Forde Ally Great Knight Axe 58931
Forde Ally Great Knight Lance 57824
Forde Ally Great Knight Sword 58327
Forde Ally Paladin Lance 61428
Forde Ally Paladin Sword 62481
Franz Ally Cavalier Lance 60401
Franz Ally Cavalier Sword 62067
Franz Ally Great Knight Axe 62354
Franz Ally Great Knight Lance 61955
Franz Ally Great Knight Sword 60081
Franz Ally Paladin Lance 57919
Franz Ally Paladin Sword 56785
Garcia Ally Fighter Axe 70063
Garcia Ally Hero Axe 61339
Garcia Ally Hero Sword 60928
Garcia Ally Warrior Axe 62865
Garcia Ally Warrior Bow 64017
Gerik Ally Hero Axe 61915
Gerik Ally Hero Sword 84983
Gerik Ally Mercenary Sword 71328
Gerik Ally Ranger Bow 64762
Gheb Enemy Warrior Axe 71865
Gheb Enemy Warrior Bow 71115
Gilliam Ally General Axe 63279
Gilliam Ally General Lance 61908
Gilliam Ally General Sword 63523
Gilliam Ally Great Knight Axe 63903
Gilliam Ally Great Knight Lance 60917
Gilliam Ally Great Knight Sword 64023
Gilliam Ally Knight Lance 101356
Glen NPC Wyvern Lord Lance 66858
Hayden NPC Ranger Bow 71501
Innes Ally Sniper Bow 62194
Ismaire Ally Swordmaster Sword 66727
Joshua Ally Assassin Sword 67187
Joshua Ally Myrmidon Sword 68894
Joshua Ally Swordmaster Sword 68286
Knoll Ally Druid Magic 70653
Knoll Ally Shaman Magic 62020
Kyle Ally Cavalier Lance 57790
Kyle Ally Cavalier Sword 58771
Kyle Ally Great Knight Axe 57332
Kyle Ally Great Knight Lance 57479
Kyle Ally Great Knight Sword 58570
Kyle Ally Paladin Lance 55904
Kyle Ally Paladin Sword 57488
L'Arachel Ally Valkyrie Staff 108466
Leon Ally Necromancer Magic 123134
Leon Enemy Necromancer Magic 68957
Lute Ally Mage Magic 73220
Lute Ally Mage Knight Magic 70080
Lute Ally Sage Magic 76372
L`Arachel Ally Mage Knight Magic 69068
L`Arachel Ally Troubadour Staff 63473
Marisa Ally Assassin Sword 82635
Marisa Ally Myrmidon Sword 79112
Marisa Ally Swordmaster Sword 77559
Monster Enemy Bael Fangs 78225
Monster Enemy Centaur Axe 66717
Monster Enemy Cerberus Claws 76251
Monster Enemy Cyclops Axe 74041
Monster Enemy Entombed Claw 69737
Monster Enemy Gargoyle Lance 75198
Monster Enemy Gorgon Magic 113669
Monster Enemy Hellbone Sword 68209
Monster Enemy Maelduin Bow 66188
Monster Enemy Mogall Eye 66122
Monster Enemy Revenant Claw 69301
Monster Enemy Skeleton Bow 64028
Monster Enemy Skeleton Lance 63216
Monster Enemy Skeleton Sword 78962
Monster Enemy Wolve Claws 74702
Morva Enemy Mamkute Breath 125784
Moulder Ally Bishop Magic 64551
Moulder Ally Priest Staff 69427
Moulder Ally Sage Magic 62877
Murray Enemy Cavalier Lance 60305
Murray Enemy Cavalier Sword 60693
Myrrh Ally Mamkute Breath 82085
Natasha Ally Bishop Magic 66467
Natasha Ally Cleric Staff 60426
Natasha Ally Valkyrie Magic 58960
Neimi Ally Archer Bow 65481
Neimi Ally Forest Knight Bow 64268
Neimi Ally Forest Knight Sword 61973
Neimi Ally Sniper Bow 99949
Novala Enemy Shaman Magic 62864
O'Neil Enemy Fighter Axe 63872
Olson Ally Paladin Sword 59737
Orson Ally Paladin Lance 59252
Pablo Enemy Sage Magic 57630
Rennac Ally Rogue Sword 75970
Riev Enemy Bishop Magic 63004
Ross Ally Berserker Axe 97105
Ross Ally Fighter Axe 60453
Ross Ally Hero Axe 60468
Ross Ally Hero Sword 59802
Ross Ally Journeyman Axe 67127
Ross Ally Pirate Axe 65096
Ross Ally Warrior Axe 60981
Ross Ally Warrior Bow 62527
Saar Enemy Knight Lance 60677
Saleh Ally Sage Magic 66425
Selena Ally Mage Knight Magic 68179
Seth Ally Paladin Lance 63626
Seth Ally Paladin Sword 69456
Tana Ally Falcon Knight Lance 62261
Tana Ally Falcon Knight Sword 59767
Tana Ally Pegasus Knight Lance 120629
Tana Ally Wyvern Knight Lance 90482
Tethys Ally Dancer (none) 97985
Tirado Enemy General Axe 62643
Tirado Enemy General Lance 57803
Vanessa Ally Pegasus Knight Lance 63160
Vanessa Ally Wyvern Knight Lance 58048
Vigard Ally General Lance 61610
Zonta Enemy Mercenary Sword 67165

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