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Sprite of Leon

Sprite of: Leon
Sprite has been viewed: 114667 time(s). Sprite ID: 534

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The Sacred Stones (Results: 168)
Name Alignment Class Weapon Views
Aias Enemy Great Knight Axe 69017
Aias Enemy Great Knight Lance 63903
Aias Enemy Great Knight Sword 60680
Amelia Ally Cavalier Lance 66218
Amelia Ally Cavalier Sword 63710
Amelia Ally General Axe 59565
Amelia Ally General Lance 61065
Amelia Ally General Sword 68951
Amelia Ally Great Knight Axe 56146
Amelia Ally Great Knight Lance 55300
Amelia Ally Great Knight Sword 56384
Amelia Ally Knight Lance 59598
Amelia Ally Paladin Lance 59287
Amelia Ally Paladin Sword 56454
Amelia Ally Recruit Lance 68073
Artur Ally Bishop Magic 63061
Artur Ally Monk Magic 63691
Artur Ally Sage Magic 65890
Bazba Enemy Brigand Axe 60506
Beran Enemy Ranger Bow 63980
Binks Enemy Warrior Axe 58702
Binks Enemy Warrior Bow 55830
Bone Enemy Brigand Axe 58676
Breguet Enemy Knight Lance 56990
Caellach Enemy Hero Axe 60345
Caellach Enemy Hero Sword 60380
Carlyle Enemy Swordmaster Sword 62247
Colm Ally Assassin Sword 71641
Colm Ally Rogue Sword 71446
Colm Ally Thief Sword 64961
Cormag Ally Wyvern Knight Lance 61311
Cormag Ally Wyvern Lord Lance 58256
Cormag Ally Wyvern Lord Sword 62819
Cormag Ally Wyvern Rider Lance 60532
Dozla Ally Berserker Axe 99301
Eirika Ally Lord Sword 75240
Eirika Ally Master Lord Sword 74861
Enemy Enemy Demon King Special 71326
Enemy Enemy Dragon Zombie Special 69508
Ephraim Ally Lord Lance 117387
Ephraim Ally Master Lord Lance 69077
Ewan Ally Druid Magic 61335
Ewan Ally Mage Magic 67893
Ewan Ally Mage Knight Magic 63619
Ewan Ally Pupil Magic 61250
Ewan Ally Sage Magic 64294
Ewan Ally Shaman Magic 61913
Ewan Ally Summoner Magic 68675
Fado NPC General Lance 66388
Forde Ally Cavalier Lance 56141
Forde Ally Cavalier Sword 57191
Forde Ally Great Knight Axe 53907
Forde Ally Great Knight Lance 52577
Forde Ally Great Knight Sword 52967
Forde Ally Paladin Lance 56021
Forde Ally Paladin Sword 57111
Franz Ally Cavalier Lance 55086
Franz Ally Cavalier Sword 56672
Franz Ally Great Knight Axe 56369
Franz Ally Great Knight Lance 55760
Franz Ally Great Knight Sword 54875
Franz Ally Paladin Lance 53037
Franz Ally Paladin Sword 51918
Garcia Ally Fighter Axe 64143
Garcia Ally Hero Axe 55901
Garcia Ally Hero Sword 55613
Garcia Ally Warrior Axe 57030
Garcia Ally Warrior Bow 58071
Gerik Ally Hero Axe 56618
Gerik Ally Hero Sword 78649
Gerik Ally Mercenary Sword 65295
Gerik Ally Ranger Bow 59433
Gheb Enemy Warrior Axe 65765
Gheb Enemy Warrior Bow 65121
Gilliam Ally General Axe 57876
Gilliam Ally General Lance 56436
Gilliam Ally General Sword 57963
Gilliam Ally Great Knight Axe 58341
Gilliam Ally Great Knight Lance 55730
Gilliam Ally Great Knight Sword 58251
Gilliam Ally Knight Lance 93397
Glen NPC Wyvern Lord Lance 61421
Hayden NPC Ranger Bow 65768
Innes Ally Sniper Bow 57171
Ismaire Ally Swordmaster Sword 61835
Joshua Ally Assassin Sword 61842
Joshua Ally Myrmidon Sword 62486
Joshua Ally Swordmaster Sword 62766
Knoll Ally Druid Magic 64972
Knoll Ally Shaman Magic 56684
Kyle Ally Cavalier Lance 52977
Kyle Ally Cavalier Sword 53731
Kyle Ally Great Knight Axe 52559
Kyle Ally Great Knight Lance 52719
Kyle Ally Great Knight Sword 53317
Kyle Ally Paladin Lance 50866
Kyle Ally Paladin Sword 52747
L'Arachel Ally Valkyrie Staff 101043
Leon Ally Necromancer Magic 114666
Leon Enemy Necromancer Magic 63368
Lute Ally Mage Magic 66623
Lute Ally Mage Knight Magic 64028
Lute Ally Sage Magic 70155
L`Arachel Ally Mage Knight Magic 62911
L`Arachel Ally Troubadour Staff 57821
Marisa Ally Assassin Sword 75722
Marisa Ally Myrmidon Sword 72286
Marisa Ally Swordmaster Sword 70556
Monster Enemy Bael Fangs 70000
Monster Enemy Centaur Axe 60600
Monster Enemy Cerberus Claws 68384
Monster Enemy Cyclops Axe 67533
Monster Enemy Entombed Claw 63426
Monster Enemy Gargoyle Lance 67538
Monster Enemy Gorgon Magic 104590
Monster Enemy Hellbone Sword 61881
Monster Enemy Maelduin Bow 59662
Monster Enemy Mogall Eye 60271
Monster Enemy Revenant Claw 63342
Monster Enemy Skeleton Bow 58395
Monster Enemy Skeleton Lance 57659
Monster Enemy Skeleton Sword 71058
Monster Enemy Wolve Claws 67850
Morva Enemy Mamkute Breath 118156
Moulder Ally Bishop Magic 58415
Moulder Ally Priest Staff 63700
Moulder Ally Sage Magic 57528
Murray Enemy Cavalier Lance 55022
Murray Enemy Cavalier Sword 55307
Myrrh Ally Mamkute Breath 75763
Natasha Ally Bishop Magic 60665
Natasha Ally Cleric Staff 55367
Natasha Ally Valkyrie Magic 53877
Neimi Ally Archer Bow 59778
Neimi Ally Forest Knight Bow 58714
Neimi Ally Forest Knight Sword 56694
Neimi Ally Sniper Bow 93236
Novala Enemy Shaman Magic 57438
O'Neil Enemy Fighter Axe 58384
Olson Ally Paladin Sword 54771
Orson Ally Paladin Lance 54493
Pablo Enemy Sage Magic 52761
Rennac Ally Rogue Sword 69310
Riev Enemy Bishop Magic 57933
Ross Ally Berserker Axe 90138
Ross Ally Fighter Axe 55400
Ross Ally Hero Axe 54454
Ross Ally Hero Sword 54646
Ross Ally Journeyman Axe 61052
Ross Ally Pirate Axe 59148
Ross Ally Warrior Axe 55716
Ross Ally Warrior Bow 56733
Saar Enemy Knight Lance 55240
Saleh Ally Sage Magic 61007
Selena Ally Mage Knight Magic 62630
Seth Ally Paladin Lance 57937
Seth Ally Paladin Sword 62743
Tana Ally Falcon Knight Lance 56921
Tana Ally Falcon Knight Sword 54679
Tana Ally Pegasus Knight Lance 112352
Tana Ally Wyvern Knight Lance 83946
Tethys Ally Dancer (none) 91382
Tirado Enemy General Axe 56157
Tirado Enemy General Lance 53180
Vanessa Ally Pegasus Knight Lance 58166
Vanessa Ally Wyvern Knight Lance 53353
Vigard Ally General Lance 56785
Zonta Enemy Mercenary Sword 61644

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