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Genealogy of the Holy War
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Genealogy of the Holy War
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Prologue: Birth of a Holy Knight
Chapter 1: Girl of the Spirit Forest
Aideen and Jamka
Chapter 2: Disturbance in Augustria
Sigurd and Lachesis
Dew and Lachesis
Cuan and Finn
Dierdre and Ethlin
Sigurd and Levin
Sylvia and Sigurd
Fury and Sigurd
Beowulf and Lachesis
Alec and Sylvia
Chapter 3: The Lion King Eltosian
Lex and Aira
Holyn and Aira
Lachesis and Eltosian
Ethlin and Cuan
Aideen and Brigid
Sigurd and Brigid
Midir and Brigid
Claude and Sigurd
Chapter 4: Dance in the Skies
Levin and Sigurd
Aideen and Jamka
Sigurd and Claude
Tiltyu and Azel
Aideen and Midayle
Levin and Rahna
Chapter 5: Doors of Destiny
Chapter 6: Inheritors
Skasaha and Lakche
Oifaye and Celice
Fee and Celice
Arthur and Celice
Lakche and Johan
Julia and Celice
Julia and Celice
Lakche and Johalva
Celice and Lana
Lana and Julia
Lester and Lana
Chapter 7: Crossing the Desert
Chapter 8: Thracian Dragon Knights
Chapter 9: For Whose Sake
Chapter 10: Light and Dark
Final Chapter: Last Holy War
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