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FEPlanet.net -> Sword of Seals -> Gaiden Chapter Requirements
Gaiden Chapters
Ch. Route Name Method
8x Both The Blazing Sword Keep Lilina alive in chapter 8.
12x Both The Thunder Axe Complete Chapter 12 under 20 turns.
14x Both The Infernal Element Complete Chapter 14 under 25 turns.
16x Both The Heavenly Light Keep Douglas alive in chapter 16.
20x Sacae The Bow of the Winds Complete chapter 20 in under 25 turns, recruit Dayan and keep him alive.
20x Ilia The Spear of Ice Complete chapter 20 in under 25 turns, recruit Yunno and keep her alive.
21x Both The Silencing Darkness Complete chapter 21 in less than 30 turns, must have Fa in party and she must survive the chapter.
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