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Three years have passed since the Mad King's War, in which the kingdom of Daein invaded and conquered neighbour Crimea under the rule of Mad King Ashnard, who was ultimately defeated by the Greil Mercenaries led by Ike and Princess Elincia, the only remaining heir to the throne of Crimea. During this war, Daein itself was conquered by the Crimean Army led by General Ike, on their path to liberating Crimea itself. Having no intention of ruling Daein, rule was passed on to the Begnion Empire, the largest nation on the continent.

Ever since rule was passed to Begnion, the citizenry have been oppressed and abused by their imperial masters. The story of Radiant Dawn starts following the path of Micaiah and Sothe (returning from Path of Radiance) and the Dawn Brigade as they struggle to liberate Daein from the oppressive rule of the imperial garrison. Following Micaiah's story, there are a number of other plots that all take place along the same timeline, one featuring now Queen Elincia of Crimea and her knights and followers, and another with Ike and the Greil Mercenaries, and one final story where all three converge.
ENG Name Radiant Dawn System Wii
JPN Name Akatsuki no Megami Release Date Feb 22, 2007
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