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Opened: 3/8/04
Total Hits: 279 385 715
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FEPlanet.net -> Sprite Contests Hall of Fame
Round #1: Tactician - 29-March 07
Make a sprite that resembles a characteristic of a tactician.
Battle #1: FE7 Tactician by Mikenike
Mug #1: Tactician Girl by blacklisted
Round #2: Main Lord of a New FE Game - 7-April 07
Create a sprite of the main lord of a new FE fan game.
Battle #1: Main Lord Sprite by Zanryu
Mug #1: Main Lord by Mikenike
Round #3: Relative of an FE Character/Third-Tier - 11-April 07
Make a sprite of the relative of an existing FE character. For battle sprites, you can choose to do that or create a third-tier sprite.
Battle #1: Lindwurm by The Blind Archer
Mug #1: Soren's Sister by blacklisted
Round #4: Formal Attire/Noble Conversions - 15-April 07
Make a sprite of an existing character wearing formal attire(like Eliwood and Hector's sprites at the end of FE7). Must not be an existing sprite.
Battle #1: Cormag and his Wyvern by 0ctane
Mug #1: Pent by Crimea River
Mug #1: Lucius by Asvel
Round #5: SNES/NES/GCN->GBA Style - 13-August 22
Convert a sprite from the SNES/NES/GCN series to a GBA format. In this case, clothes must match and be made specifically for this contest.
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