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Positions HeldWebmaster, Sprite Ripper, Content Writer, Administrator, Forum Moderator
Real NameChris(Christopher)
LocationSF Bay Area
Email Addresseltoshen@gmail.com
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AIM Screen NameCrossKnightElto
MSN Screen Namemitsuhide@ifsz.com
Eltoshen first got into Fire Emblem when he saw it in Nintendo Power's monthly issue. His first experience was something that he could never forget; a clean, fresh feel. Now, he plays Fire Emblem more as a chore than anything else. Though, he still finds it enjoying.

How did he get here...? The member known as the spamstar of FEP. For one, he didn't like his rep as a spammy member so he started to rip sprites. His work eventually led him to become Exxeh's sprite slave. Later on, when Exxeh was nudged off of her duties, he began to work on content for the site while helping SaS. Now he's basically SaS's slave. o_O
Alto Saxophone, Bleach, Claymore, Code Geass, Fire Emblem, Naruto, Prince of Tennis, Super Robot Taisen, Tennis

Positions HeldWebmaster, Content Writer, Coder, Administrator, Global Moderator
Real NameJeff
LocationToronto, Ontario, Canada
Email Addressswordsareshiney@gmail.com
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AIM Screen NameSaSxorz
MSN Screen Nameswordsareshiney@gmail.com
Google Talk Screen Nameswordsareshiney@gmail.com
Lesse... I was born the first of August, 1989 in Wellesley Hospital (which doesn't exist anymore ;_;) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where I've lived my entire life, albeit in a few different regions of the city. From Kindergarten up until the very end of high school, I partook in the French Immersion program (where ~half the classes are in French), which has influenced my life profoundly; right now, I'm majoring in Études françaises (French Studies for those of you who aren't privileged enough to speak French. :P) at Glendon College, which is a campus of York University, one of the largest universities in the country, and I hope to become a French teacher once I've got my degree.

My history at FEP started in April '04 when I met Dutchbest at another FE site, which is currently our closest affiliate, Fire Emblem Fusion. I offered my services as a sprite ripper to him at the site at which he worked, Blazing Emblem. Eventually, due to issues between myself, Dutchbest and XtreameDayz, and the Webmaster/Administrator, Erik, the three of us broke off to found FEPlanet. Well, we didn't exactly found FEPlanet here, XtreameDayz (Exxeh) had founded it before this, however, it wasn't much more than an empty layout and empty forums before this event, so, this is often perceived as FEP's birth.

Since that time, June '04, I have spent a large amount of my time on this site. Other than once incident that led to me going on a hiatus of about half a year from the site, I have always been in a position of power here, either Administrator, or Global Moderator for a small period of time.

I took over FEP for the first time in February '07, when Exxeh, who had run FEP since its conception in '04 resigned as its webmaster. A few months later, in June of that year, I stepped down, only to be thrust back into the ownership position a few weeks later due to certain circumstances.

I currently lead the site's forums as well as manage the website.
Video games are a major interest of mine, as are foreign languages; I speak fluent French, as well as a lot of Spanish and some German. I'm also interested in web design, hence why I run two websites. Lots of other things as well, but of course, to figure this out you'll have to get to know me. :P

Positions HeldWebmaster, Coder, Administrator, Global Moderator
Real NameNick
Email Addresszerxer@gmail.com
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AIM Screen Namezerxer
West of Philadelphia, born and raised; on the computer is where I spend most of my days.
Coding, gaming, eating, sleeping

Crimea River
Positions HeldAdvisor, Rise of Empires Head
Real NameJamie
LocationStatesville, North Carolina
Email Addresskethalpak928@yahoo.com
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AIM Screen NameRajamion
MSN Screen NameRajamion@live.com
YIM Screen NameGreatKnightAinor
Let's see...oldie FEPer from way back when it started. Happened upon original FEP by accident, and became Member #11. Was made a mod and music ripper, but demoted after the so-called "m-bomb" incident. Was friends with SaS, Exxeh, DracoMage, and Field Marshal. RPed a lot on the site, with my first RP char, James. Disappeared when I lost Internet in Texas, and returned to the site for a while later, with activity fluctuating. Returned eventually when the site was crashing, and helped Exxeh with InvisionFree FEP. Helped until I went back to Texas, then joined the FEP hosted on exxdee.net. Was adminned, and co-adminned FEP. Exxeh later quit, and gave me the forums. Was root for a while, then stepped down to Global Mod, and was a Global Mod and DoN Mod for a while. Later stepped down. Was DoN Mod until FEP exploded, and then was demoted, and perused FEP as a vet for a while until I was given Vildar, which is now Kurgain. =]

And, aside from that, I'm a college student with no life...well, a life, but more online time than most of you. lol.gif
Fire Emblem, Wargaming, Roleplaying, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Microsoft Word 2003, Photoshop CS2, Hank the Cowdog, Animorphs, Harry Potter

Commander Wymsy
Positions HeldGlobal Moderator, Forum Moderator
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AIM Screen NameWymsy
YIM Screen Namemegatrickster

Positions HeldSprite Ripper, Advisor
Real Name****** Rei ******* (yes that is censored out)
Email Addressrei336@hotmail.com
Personal Message
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AIM Screen Nameteh1337q
MSN Screen Namerei336@hotmail.com
Joined FEP August 12, 2004. Member #153

Found FEP through his most reliable source of anything, google. He joined and had attention brought to him because Sephiroth666 was extremely close to the previous member, Sephiroth667. He became active in the infancy of the original RP, posted quite often like any other member. He was appointed as an RP mod in mid 2005.

When the forums split off from the original feplanet.net domain, he continued on both sides. But he was really inactive as an RP mod at this time, but still helped with the main site.

Seph had always been in contact with the admin, Xtreamedayz, ever since before the creation of FEP, the signs point to them meeting on Gaia, meeting again was just pure coincidence.

Seph became a global mod on the FEP forums very quickly on the new site, and in the summer of 2006, he became admin. He stepped down a few months later due to personal issues. and became an RP mod for Wardea. Seph changed his name to Rei and he became a temp admin for a few days, for being able to fix the site while SwordsAreShiney was offline, as well as other characteristics, Rei was made admin again for the second time. He still admins to this day.
Just about any video game
Hanging out with friends

Positions HeldGlobal Moderator, Rise of Empires Moderator
Real NameBrad
Email Addressfensti@gmail.com
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AIM Screen Namefensti
MSN Screen Namefensti@gmail.com
YIM Screen Namefensti08@yahoo.com
Google Talk Screen Namefensti@gmail.com
Lemme see... I'm a Senior currently at my high school, looking to pursue a career in Secondary Ed in Mathematics or Programming.
I've been playing video games for about 9 years I think, and I picked up Fire Emblem after reading about it in Nintendo Power.

Positions HeldAdvisor
Email Addressuse forum email script
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AIM Screen Namesee forum profile
YIM Screen Namesee forum profile
I was an RP administrator for the old old Roleplay over a year ago.

Positions HeldGlobal Moderator
LocationOroville, CA
Email Addresssee my MSN?
Personal Message
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AIM Screen Namecelicethegreat
MSN Screen Namecelicethegreat{AT}yahoo{DOT}com

You can ask me. Or if I ever feel like filling this out later on in life. Blargever.
Musical Appreciation and Music Theory
Scientific Theology

The Arts and Humanities :[

Positions HeldAdvisor
Real NameTim
LocationLondon, UK
Email Addressgolden_q@hotmail.co.uk
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AIM Screen Namegoldenquagsire
MSN Screen Namegolden_q@hotmail.co.uk
I'm quite a newb by most standards. I joined FEP in May 2007, though I'd lurked around the site for a few months prior, and I've stayed relatively active ever since. I was promoted to Advisor in February 2008.

If I'm not mistaken, I'm the youngest of the staff proper - I'm currently in my final year and a bit of secondary education, which is roughly equivalent to the first two years of high school in America. I'm also the only staffer currently residing outside North America.

I am in no way an expert in things Fire Emblem, but I do enjoy the games a great deal. I have played FE5, 6, 7, 8 and 10, with Blazing Sword still holding the title of my favourite of the series.

Feel free to talk to me. I'm generally on AIM daily; however, if you want MSN, it's best to PM me first - I rarely go on without a reason.

Also, please excuse the walls of text. :P
Of course, I adore video games. In particular, I like aestheitically-pleasing titles - thus, my love of RPGs such as the Final Fantasy, Tales of and Fire Emblem series. I'm not much of a competitve gamer, and I didn't play many shooters when I was younger.

I love a decent anime series, though time constraints rather limit my addiction. In particular, I worship the Code Geass series, along with Death Note, Sayonara Zetsubuo Sensei and Fate/Stay Night.

Artistically, I dabble in spriting, sig-making and ROM hacking. Most of my work can be found on the forums. I'm nowhere near the level of certain people, but practice makes perfect eventually.

I'm also an avid historian, and hope to continue pursuing an education in history into university. grin.gif

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